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Medically Reviewed on Jun 27, 2021 by Dr. K Langdon

Marijuana provides users with a wide range of therapeutic benefits. To get the most out of your experience you want to buy quality cannabis. AAA weed (or more commonly called “trips” is a great option. Triple A marijuana is a quality rating of cannabis buds and contains a lot of great weed. These buds are potent, tasty, and just plain out beautiful to look at. What separates triple-A weed from lower tiers is that they do what cheaper buds do, only better. Come try some of the Just Cannabis AAA weed strains and see for yourself. We offer a huge selection of over 100 of the most sought after cannabis strains in Canada. Save now and earn free gifts with every order. 


AAA Weed



AAA Weed

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AAA Weed



AAA Weed



What is AAA Weed?

AAA weed is a grouping used to categorize different qualities of marijuana buds. Triple A cannabis is a step above AA weed usually because the buds are superior in taste, appearance, and/or potency. Whatever the case, AAA marijuana is some of the highest quality buds you can get at value pricing. In fact, they are often offered at discounts compared to AAAA weed and can be just as potent with equal or even greater effects.  For a more detailed breakdown, you can check out our guide to all things cannabis  

AAA Cannabis Characteristics

Appearance: AAA weed flowers are typically very beautiful looking buds. They are typically nice and dense buds that possess brilliant colours and tonnes of trichomes.  Smell: Different weed strains emit different scents, and triple-A marijuana often provides aromas that closely match what is to be expected of a particular strain.   Taste: AAA cannabis is known to be some of the tastiest weed on the market. Such high-quality buds are likely to taste close to how a particular marijuana strain should. Potency: The potency of cannabis is an important trait of buds. Triple A weed has the reputation of being some of the most potent marijuana in Canada.   

Common Benefits of AAA Marijuana

Individuals consume weed for a number of reasons, from medical to recreational purposes. The good thing about AAA weed is that the effects are likely to be more positive than if smoking cheaper varieties. It is known that triple A cannabis is very reliable and can be depended on. In addition, AAA marijuana is often priced lower than more premium buds, but are typically just as good to an untrained eye. This means you can find these buds at a discounted price and save some cash.   Also, high-quality weed can lead to a wider and more intense set of therapeutic effects. It is these effects that make cannabis so desirable to so many people.   

Beneficial Effects of AAA Marijuana

AAA weed has the reputation of being great buds to smoke for a nice set of therapeutic effects. However, people are affected by THC in different ways, so the highs will likely differ from person to person. In addition, the amount of THC taken will contribute to the level of sensations experienced.  Below is a list of some of the most common positive effects stemming from AAA marijuana use:
Relaxation Happiness Uplifted-ness
Focus Creativity Energy 
Euphoria Lethargy Sedation
Hunger Lethargy Giggles

Information for Medical Cannabis Patients

Now that marijuana legalization in Canada is in full effect, millions of users across the country are reaping the rewards. In fact, cannabis use has grown the most in the senior citizen sector. This is largely due to the fact that people older in age are more likely to suffer from ailments and medical conditions. Luckily for them, they are now granted access to a massive selection of readily accessible high-quality cannabis products. This includes AAA weed and other premium cannabis strains.  Cannabis is taken for a number of different reasons in the medical community. Below are some of the most common medical uses of triple-A weed:
Anxiety Depression Stress
Aches Pains Inflammation
Muscle Spasms Insomnia Lack of Appetite
Glaucoma Epilepsy Addictions
Fatigue Nausea Spasticity
Movement Disorders Autoimmune Issues Psychiatric Symptoms

Possible Side Effects of AAA Weed

As previously mentioned, AAAA weed can be more intense than your average marijuana, but the adverse effects are usually not that bad. However, top-quality cannabis is very potent stuff and users should take with care. It is never a good idea to drive or partake in any other dangerous activities. The high THC content can result in severe side effects if consumed in large quantities. Those who consume AAAA-grade weed must also be careful while mixing it with another drug or alcohol. In this case, cannabis with other medications can result in amplified manifolds, leading to severe side effects and just an overall bad experience.

Below are some of the most common negative effects associated with AAA weed use.

Dry Mouth Red Eyes Lethargy
Dizziness Paranoia Anxiousness
Headaches Nausea Vomiting
Chest Pain Rapid Heart Rate Memory Retention Issues
Coordination Issues Respiratory Irritation Increased Heart Rate
Low Blood Pressure Drowsiness Restlessness

Best Methods to Take Weed

Smoking marijuana might not be suitable in all situations. Luckily, there are many ways to take AAA cannabis. For example, the most common methods to take cannabis are to:
  • Smoke it in joints
  • Toke it in bongs
  • Smoke it in weed pipes
  • Vape it in dry herb vaporizers
  • Consume it in edible form

THC Dosage Chart:

High-grade triple A cannabis often contains high levels of THC. This means AAA buds are more potent than your average marijuana. Newcomers should take it easy with these buds, but experienced users should know what to expect. It is because experienced users have built up a tolerance to THC over time. In addition, a person's body weight, metabolism, and the amount of THC taken will largely determine the outcome of effects.
Microdose < 3%  Non-Psychoactive Microdosers
Low 3 -  9%  Light New Stoners
Moderate 10 - 18% Moderate Moderate Stoners
High 19 - 25% High Heavy Stoners
Stoner > 25% Intense Master Stoners

Alternative Products: 

If AAA flowers aren’t enough, then there are AAAA weed strains you can choose from. These premium quad buds are perfection at its finest. You can also go for the cheaper budget buds. These AA weed strains are often priced at great deals and can provide users with a tonne of savings.  In addition, there are many other cannabis-related products to choose from. Here are some of the most common alternatives to AAA marijuana: Weed Concentrates are products that are created by extracting THC from marijuana flowers. The result is a concentrated, pure, and potent form of cannabis. Some of the most common marijuana extracts include hash, shatter, budder, THC oil, live resin, THC distillate, and weed vapes. Cannabis Edibles are any weed items that you can eat. Basically, a weed edible is any food item that has THC added to it. Some of the most common THC edibles in Canada include cannabis gummies, marijuana chocolate, pot cookies, THC capsules, and weed tinctures. Cannabidiol Items are products that don’t get users intoxicated. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid that is commonly found in hemp and marijuana. However, CBD does not attach to receptors in the brain and does not cause the intoxicating effects normally associated with weed use. Some of the most common cannabidiol products in Canada include CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD edibles, CBD vapes, and CBD gummies. Magic Mushroom products are those that contain the hallucinogenic drug called psilocybin. Shrooms are perfect for anyone looking for a much more intense and out of this world experience. Some of the most popular magic mushroom products include dried shrooms, shroom chocolates, shroom gummies, shroom capsules, and shroom tea.  

Online Marijuana Dispensary Purchase Information

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