Weed Dispensary Alberta | Discover the World of Alberta Cannabis

Being the main National Canadian Cannabis Chamber, Alberta is one of the largest provinces in Canada. It has many licensed Cannabis wholesale and retail dispensaries totalling up to 85. You can freely buy weed in Alberta dispensaries or order online since it is legal. Besides, AGLC is responsible for regulating the distribution and the sale of Alberta Cannabis in dispensaries and also online.


Alberta Cannabis

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Fast Off, What Is Weed Dispensary?

A weed dispensary is a place where patients or consumers can obtain weed legally for recreational and medical purposes. Once the users buy their consumables here, the guidelines and the dosage are issued too. However, only people over 21 years are allowed to purchase and possess Alberta Cannabis for recreational use. For medical purposes, one should be over 18 years and have a Marijuana recommendation from a specialist. Among the products sold in Alberta, dispensaries include flowers, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures, CBD oil, seeds and mushrooms.

What Is So Great About Alberta Cannabis?

Alberta Cannabis is not only famous for its recreational use but medicinal benefits too. For example, there are cannabis varieties that offer euphoric and uplifting effects. They will enhance your moods, making you happy. As a result, you will release mood and related mental disorders like anxiety, stress and depression. Similarly, other genes contain sedative and relaxation effects, calming your body and mind. They will help alleviate chronic pains, migraines, arthritis, and cramps. Besides, they will induce hunger, stimulating the appetite for people with eating disorders. They will also make you sleep, keeping insomnia in check.

Marijuana Legalization in Alberta

Cannabis products are available in many licensed stores around Alberta and online. AGLC is responsible for controlling the distribution of Cannabis. It ensures that no weed is open to minors. Alberta weed has recently gained popularity from both the recreational and medical users globally. As a result, it has been made legal in many countries, Canada being one of them. It pushed the move in April 2017 and introduced a bill (C-45) passed in July 2018. The Cannabis Act legalized the possession, sale, and purchase of Cannabis in Canada. As a result, Alberta can purchase, consume or sell Marijuana. As long as you are 18 years and above, you can buy weed in Alberta without worrying.

What Are the Rules Governing Sale And Possession Of Cannabis In Alberta?

Although the sale, purchasing and consumption of weed is legal in Alberta, there are laws and regulations to govern it. Some of the rules include: 
  •         Only licensed Alberta Dispensaries or Alberta Cannabis.org can sell Cannabis to consumers.
  •         Minors should not buy, sell or possess it.
  •         Similarly, you should not give children Cannabis to sell on your behalf.
  •         You should neither enter any cannabis store with a kid.
  •         Also, consuming Cannabis around school or any child care facility is chargeable under the law.
  •         For growers, you should only plant four plants per household. 
  •         Besides, you can’t purchase or carry more than 30 grams per purchase. One is not allowed to possess for distribution.
  •         If found driving under the influence of drugs, you risk losing your driving license. 
  •         You can't take Cannabis in a vehicle or public places.
  •         Only a licensed store can have cannabis products and be allowed to transport them.

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