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Cannabis NL has maintained its market presence by being the sole medical marijuana provider within Newfoundland and Labrador. It can be somehow challenging finding a reputable and reliable medical marijuana dispensary in Newfoundland with the specific products you need near you. However, Just Cannabis can assist! We strive to offer our clientele the best available cannabis experience possible. This measure is only possible by incorporating rare and low volume strains in addition to the popular favourite varieties like Pineapple express, Afghani Kush, AK47, edibles and cannabis gummies.

Newfoundland Cannabis has numerous licenced cannabis retailers and wholesalers. You can make online weed purchases, considering it is legal, from an online dispensary in Newfoundland. The AGLC regulates the sale and distribution of weed to Newfoundland Weed stores and the online market as well. Newfoundland Weed NL has a wide array of products to choose from, and you will get what the photo displays.


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First Off, What is a Weed Dispensary?

A weed dispensary refers to a location where a consumer or patient can purchase Weed in NL in a safe and discreet legal manner. Users will get assistance from cannabis experts who know and heed the regulations stipulated regarding the recommended dosage and delivery method to obtain excellent results when using medical Marijuana. Only adults from the age of 19 can purchase weed products.

What Products Are Offered in a Cannabis Store?

Just Cannabis, a leader among online marijuana dispensaries within Canada, offers a vast range of Hybrid, Sativa and Indica strains. You will obtain top-notch marijuana products at our dispensaries. The different categories include Hash, shatter, magic mushrooms, CBD, Cannabis, concentrates, budder, edibles, vape pens, cannabis oil and other marijuana accessories. Besides, we now have a marijuana beverage that has made a name for itself.

Other marijuana beauty products are available, such as topical skin care products, such as oils and serums. Such products have elements of CBD compounds that help deal with different skin conditions thanks to the help of Newfoundland Cannabis.

As an online marijuana store, JustCannabis prides itself in delivering value to its clientele and has maintained its commitment to offering real-time cannabis news and trends. It doesn't just end with the delivery of products to your doorstep. We have a knowledgeable, friendly team that avails itself regularly to answer all queries you may have. Hence, assuring you as the customer experience comfort in relying on JustCannabis to manage your marijuana needs discreetly and deliver it quickly to your address.

What's So Great About Newfoundland Cannabis?

Newfoundland Cannabis NL has several different licenced outlets within the locality and online. Thanks to Newfoundland Cannabis regulatory body, the restrictions put in place help protect the consumers and ensure they can only access quality products, and minors can't access weed products.

Marijuana Legalization in Newfoundland

The Canadian government decided to legalize Marijuana and came up with a legal framework surrounding its distribution, possession, sale and production within Canada. Currently, it is legal for adults to make purchases from licenced Weed NL. Also, the authority now has the responsibility of listing the products, setting the pricing and exclusively selling Newfoundland weed online for recreational Marijuana within the province. The current stipulated regulations have made Canadians enjoy weed consumption benefits while observing the law.

For any individual under the age of 19, access to weed is illegal and JustCannabis follows these regulations to the latter. If minors are found with Marijuana, it will undergo confiscation, and other penalties imposed on them. Only adults from 19 years can purchase and consume Marijuana from Newfoundland Cannabis stores. However, some rules and regulations govern and manage the vending of cannabis and Just Cannabis ensures that only adults can access marijuana from their online stores.

Also, the consumption of Marijuana around the school area is not allowed, and children shouldn't sell weed on anyone's behalf. Besides, only licensed stores have marijuana products and the permit to transport them.

Just Cannabis, the Best Marijuana Dispensary to Buy Weed Online in Newfoundland

While in Newfoundland, be sure of obtaining quality services and products that over-delivers on client needs. We are indeed the most reliable and exceptional suppliers within Canada and across the border. JustCannabis strives only to provide its users with the legal brands, therefore eliminating the illegal ones. Our dedicated customers receive updates with comprehensive and detailed information regarding our products and services, thanks to our dedicated team. For efficiency and convenience of service, JustCannabis has introduced several ways to learn and order products from the online platform.

Also, Just Cannabis weed NL ensures there is enough guidance for both medical and recreational marijuana users. Considering it's a reputable cannabis supplier, JustCannabis treasures its customers while ensuring they obtain premium products. You are sure to receive only the best from JustCannabis.


Generally, there is certainly no doubt that Newfoundland Cannabis has one of the best online dispensaries in Newfoundland in Canada. It is available across different marijuana outlets that are reputable for selling quality and authentic weed products. You can also purchase this weed NL from the comfort of your home by making an order with JustCannabis from the comfort of your sofa and having it delivered to your doorstep discreetly. Besides, Just Cannabis has highly competitive prices that offer value for money.