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Gatineau, Western Quebec, is a province known for its strict and conservative measures regarding cannabis. However, if you live here, that should not worry you. Just Cannabis ensures you get your cannabis in Gatineau. Further, Justcannabis mails cannabis orders in Gatineau and surrounding areas. So shop now at the best marijuana dispensary in Gatineau.


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First Off, What is a Weed Dispensary?

A weed dispensary is a retail store that mainly sells cannabis add-ons and products. Here medical and recreational users can buy cannabis flowers safely and legally. Also, they offer advice on safe ways of consuming marijuana. Besides, they provide growing information and location outline of marijuana dispensaries.


What Products are Offered in a Cannabis Store?

Most weed dispensaries in Gatineau offer various products that suit your needs. Such include buds and flowers. Flowers range from hybrids to Sativa and all sorts of Indica's. Additionally, the Gatineau weed store has various products ranging from concentrates such as oils and waxes. Also, they have pre-filled vape cartridges and other marijuana products like tinctures and lotions. Nonetheless, Cannabis shops in Gatineau also include cannabis-infused edibles.


What's Great About Gatineau Cannabis?

Immediately after getting your weed from a Gatineau marijuana dispensary, it's time to relax. Gatineau city offers you a blend of excitement, heritage, culture, and pride for tourists and locals. After a few puffs, go and live the nightlife. Whether you are in the company of workmates, special someone, squad, or girlfriend, Gatineau cannabis weed store and city is the place for you.

Here are some of the great activities and places to explore:

  •         The casino
Casino du Lac-Leamy is full of exciting night themes that feature photo booths, games, and contests. Also, the entrances have fabulous dancers and colourful characters. Later, enjoy dinner at Bar 7 and end the night at Club ALEA and have top DJs entertain you with the latest tunes.
  •         Have a romantic date
If you want a romantic date, downtown Gatineau is perfect for intimate moments with the one you love. Les Vilains Garcon restaurant offers different menus drawn from the chef's inspiration. After your dinner, cap off at Theatre de I'll. What is more romantic than holding hands, watching a good show as you sit in the dark?
  •         Have a laid-back evening

Old Hull will offer you a delicious dinner. Chow down gourmet poutine, cold beer, and juicy burgers at Gainsbourg and Brasseurs du Temps. If you want some wine and gourmet pizza, try Pizza-za. Finally, enjoy tasting stations, heated yut, live music, and a bonfire. If you're going to find a new brew, this is the place.


Marijuana Legalization in Gatineau

Marijuana rules vary from municipalities and provinces. Notably, selling and buying cannabis in Gatineau is legal. However, Gatineau has a set of rules. Unlike in other cities where you must be 19 years to obtain cannabis, Gatineau has moved its legal age to be 21 years. Buyers must show proof before buying cannabis in the Gatineau marijuana dispensary; produce an identification card or driving license as proof.

Further, smoking cannabis in Gatineau in a public place and children's parks are prohibited. Also, users must not exceed 30grams of cannabis in public. However, ordering cannabis at JustCannabis shop ensures you order as much as you desire.

Lastly, users of medical or recreational marijuana must keep it away from children.


Just Cannabis, the Best Marijuana Dispensary to Buy Weed in Gatineau

If you reside in Gatineau, then you might come across problems finding specific types of marijuana. That's where the JustCannabis cannabis shop in Gatineau comes in. Just cannabis offers quality cannabis in Gatineau at reasonable prices. Further, they ensure that their location has a strategic position in Gatineau.

With just a few clicks, this weed dispensary delivers your order right at your doorstep. Very convenient and easy. If you are wondering where to buy marijuana, JustCannabis weed store is happy to provide cannabis in Gatineau and its surrounding environs.

Why order from Just Cannabis weed dispensary? You may wonder. Well, relax and discover amazing deals at JustCannabis cannabis shop in Gatineau.

  •         Privacy guarantee
Just cannabis understands that privacy is of importance. Because of this, this weed dispensary in Gatineau dedicates its entire team to security and privacy. This dedication ensures that when you order cannabis in the Gatineau weed store, it arrives discreetly. Further, its staff work round the clock, guaranteeing that they wipe private information and data they collect daily.
  •         Mission
This weed store has a simple mission. Their mission is to provide adequate cannabis in Gatineau with high quality medical and recreational marijuana. Having many years of experience guarantees that Just Cannabis will deliver its promise. Coast to Coast, Justcannabis weed store prides itself on being a leading weed dispensary in Gatineau.
  •         Customer service
Trust is vital. When buying cannabis in Gatineau, secrecy is valued. Just cannabis creates the best for its consumers and puts them first.



Just because Gatineau has strict rules on cannabis due to it being home to Canada's legislature doesn't mean marijuana users can't enjoy it. Get your edibles, concentrates, and weed from just cannabis as you explore terrific joints surrounding the city. Try the three weed types and discover what you love more.