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Medically Reviewed on Jun 28, 2021 by Dr. K Langdon

Are you a roller, or a dabber, or edible-specialist? We carry most types of weed accessories and tools such as rolling papers, blunt wraps, and weed grinders. Just Cannabis is your one-stop shop for all Cannabis related items! If we don’t carry something right now, we will! Contact us and let us help you decide on new cannabis accessories that you always wanted. Get what you need to make your next session a nice, simple, and relaxing experience.

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Buy Weed Accessories Online in Canada With Confidence

Buy weed accessories online in Canada at Just Cannabis and arm yourself with the right tools for an enjoyable session. Find a selection of high-quality rolling papers, weed grinders, blunt wraps, and more!

Browse our shop and find a selection of cannabis accessories to make life simpler during your next session. Find top-quality rollies and blunt wraps made from ideal papers to enhance a joint experience. Our rolling papers burn long and burn smooth to provide the cleanest smoke possible.

We even carry a selection of weed grinders, pipes, bongs, and batteries. Our weed accessories are all top-quality materials, set at affordable prices. We not only believe your weed tools bring you usefulness but also bring you value.

What are Weed Accessories?

Weed accessories (aka cannabis accessories) are any gear that is used for your marijuana. For example, rolling papers are perhaps the most commonly used weed accessory in Canada. Marijuana accessories are meant to make life easier for users. They also add value in that some make taking cannabis more efficient. Whatever the case, there is always new and creative weed gear that is being brought to the market.  For a more detailed breakdown, you can check out our guide to all things cannabis

Different Types of Weed Accessory

Rolling Papers: Weed papers (aka rollies) are what joints are normally rolled in. They commonly come in packs of 50 or 100 and are included in every stoner's inventory. To use rolling papers, simply add broken up weed, roll it up and wet the stick strip, then seal. All that is left is to light it up and enjoy the trip. 

Blunt Wraps: Blunt wraps follow the same principles as rolling papers. However, the difference is the paper that is being used. Oftentimes blunt wraps are dried tobacco leaves. In addition, blunts usually are able to hold more marijuana due to their size. 

Weed Grinders: A weed grinder is a tool that is used to break up weed without having to use your fingers. So goodbye to all those sticky fingers. You basically add buds to the grinder, twist it around, and empty the broken up weed. 

Bongs: A bong is typically a glass tool used to smoke weed without having to roll a joint. Simply add some bud to the “bowl”, light it up, and inhale through the pipe. Just be sure to clean your bong regularly so that bacteria and mold doesn’t form.

Weed Pipes: Cannabis pipes are similar to bongs in that no joints are needed. Just add some cannabis to the pipe and light it up. Pipes are regarded as being one of the most convenient ways to smoke marijuana flower. 

Cannabis Products 

Now that we know some weed accessories, let’s look at some cannabis products you can use. Weed products come in all shapes and sizes, from high THC cannabis concentrates, to powerful weed edibles, to CBD products with no THC at all. Cannabis concentrates are potent forms of THC and are not for the faint of heart. The same goes for marijuana edibles that are known to induce intense highs.  There are even magic mushroom products for those looking for an out of this world psychedelic experience. These products contain psilocybin, the main ingredient that causes hallucinatory effects. Here are some of the most popular alternatives to regular marijuana buds:

Cannabis Concentrates are products with high levels of THC and minimal plant matter. Basically, the beneficial compounds are separated from the unwanted plant material, leaving a purer and more potent product. Some of the most common weed concentrates include hash, shatter, budder, THC oil, live resin, THC distillate, and weed vapes.

Weed Edibles are any cannabis products that you can eat. Many cannabis edibles are actually everyday food items that are infused with THC. Some of the most popular marijuana edibles in Canada include THC gummies, THC chocolate, weed cookies, THC capsules, and THC tinctures.

CBD Products are items that do not cause intoxication. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid that is found in cannabis. However, CBD does not attach to receptors in the brain and does not cause the intoxicating effects normally associated with THC use. Some of the most common cannabidiol products in Canada include CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD edibles, CBD vapes, and CBD gummies.

Magic Mushrooms products are those that contain the hallucinatory drug psilocybin. These products are perfect for those looking for a much more intense experience. Some of the most sought after shroom products include dried shrooms, shroom chocolate, shroom gummies, shroom capsules, and shroom tea.

Marijuana Dispensary Purchase Information:

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