Best Indica Strains in Canada

Are you a die-hard Indica fan? Then you are definitely in for a real treat, thanks to Just Cannabis. Generally, Indica strains have high resin production. This feature means you are confident of getting numerous crystal-coated buds from the Strain. The Indica flower has dreamy, sedative and calming effects on the user, making it a perfect choice to ease stress while delivering a potent euphoric high.

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Best Indica Strains

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What is an Indica Strain?

Indica is a type of cannabis strain with a relaxing and calming sensation with a soothing effect that will make your movie night unforgettable, thus ideal for night-time activities. Indica marijuana plants are bushy, short and stocky with chunky leaves that are broad and grow wide. Compared to their cousin Sativa, they grow faster and produce more buds. Indica strains tend to have a high THC to CBD ratio.

What Makes Great Indica Strains in Canada?

Several factors contribute to an Indica becoming the best choice in the market. A great Indica meets the clients' needs and tends to have high potency levels that offer desirable effects. Therefore, if you intend to experience quality, Just Cannabis has you covered. They only select the best buds with high resin production, which undergo a series of lab tests to ensure the product gets to the client when it is safe and ideal for consumption.

Quality of the Indica Flower Used

Just Cannabis offers the best Indica weed in Canada. They have also grown in prominence due to their relentless efforts in ensuring they provide top-notch Indica products to their clients. Just Cannabis continuously maintains a large presence in the market as it has a team that ensures only premium quality dried buds get handpicked. Like other products, if the best base products get used in the production process, the final product will be the best.


Expertise in the Extraction Process

Indicas come from the cannabis plants. Since there are several different types of weed products that undergo different production stages, it is essential to leave the process for the experts only. The cannabinoid and terpene profiles from the Indica flower are utilized in the production process to make quality Indica weed strains.


Taste & Appearance of Final Indica Product

Indicas often have a dark colour. Often the violet varieties are Indica leaning strains with a musky and earthy undertone and intense scent. They usually have a vibrant taste of fruit and honey.


Potency & THC Levels

Indicas tend to have a higher THC level compared to Sativa marijuana strains. Besides, this quality is due to its high THC level that results in a potent Indica strain.


Proper Handling & Storing of the Indica

Just like other weed products, Indica strains require a dark, dry and cool environment as an ideal storage area. An airtight container is highly recommended, preferably a mason glass jar with an airtight vacuum seal. Such containers prevent air and moisture from penetrating. This aspect is a result of light penetration, thus causing degradation of your weed. Besides, it is crucial to use an opaque dark jar to prevent light from penetrating and altering the terpene profile of Indica marijuana. These precautionary measures extend the Indica's shelf life, ensuring they maintain their potency and taste.


Price and Value of the Indica

Prices of Indica cannabis strains remain highly competitive in the cannabis market as their popularity continues to grow. Just Cannabis has ensured their Indica weed products remain unmatched in the cannabis market. Thus, making it affordable and the best Indica, not only in Canada but also globally, while giving you value for money.


What are the 7 Best Indica Strains in Canada?

Regardless of the Indica strain you seek, Just Cannabis has your back. You are sure of obtaining the most sought after and premium quality Indica strains from Just Cannabis. The different Indica strains that have recently grown in prominence are:


You Can Find the Best Indica at Just Cannabis

Just Cannabis stocks the best collection of Indica strains. It also offers its customers a wide variety of Indica strains to select from depending on client preferences and never compromises quality. Furthermore, it is determined to provide its clients with an unforgettable experience to keep them coming back for more.

Product Selection

Just Cannabis provides a vast selection of marijuana products from their exceptional cannabis flowers, edibles, magic mushrooms, extracts, concentrates, hash, budder and shatters. You can comfortably make your order from the comfort of your home through Just Cannabis online dispensary as you wait for the delivery at your address.

Affordable Prices & Deals/Promotions

Buy top quality Indica weed strains from Just Cannabis and enjoy our continuous deals and promotions throughout the year. With a highly competitive price in the market, our products offer extraordinary experience while simultaneously providing value for money.

Commitment to Customer Service

To conclude, JustCannabis provides affordable shipping rates for their clients. Furthermore, the client’s orders usually are discreetly packaged and will reach the client in good condition. Just Cannabis has an exceptional customer service team that ensures you obtain only the best quality of products. Thus, making it a reliable option for recreational and medical marijuana users. 


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