What Are The Effects Of Vaping THC?

What Are The Effects Of Vaping THC

Vaping is one of the most popular ways of enjoying marijuana! You’ve probably seen trendy, convenient vapes whenever you’re out with friends. This method has become popular because it’s easy, fun, and streamlined. But what are the effects of vaping THC? Is vaping cannabis as effective as smoking or eating weed edibles? Learn everything you […]

How To Roll A Joint

Rolling a joint is an important skill we believe every cannabis lover should learn. Even if smoking flower isn’t your favourite way of getting high, rolling joints is still versatile knowledge that will serve you well! It’s easy to get the party going when you can roll joints on demand. Plus, knowing how to make […]

Most Famous Canadian Cannabis Strains

Since legalization, the selection of different cannabis strains has increased substantially. And among the large selection are certain marijuana strains that have gained a massive fanbase and incredible popularity. Let’s look at some of the most famous Canadian cannabis strains and see if you’ve heard about or tried any for yourself. Keep in mind that […]

How To Make Cannabis Oil Tinctures

How To Make Cannabis Oil Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are versatile THC concentrates that you can use in other marijuana recipes or enjoy on their own. Learning how to make cannabis tincture isn’t complicated, especially if you have access to a kitchen and some basic equipment. Making cannabis tinctures is a great way to expand your marijuana options. Check out our simple […]

What Is Cannalean? Learn About THC Syrup

What Is Cannalean Learn About THC Syrup

If you pay attention to the cannabis community buzz, you’ve probably heard of cannalean. This innovative new product has made waves in news articles, song lyrics, influencer posts, and more. But, precisely what is cannalean, anyway? This sweet, THC-infused syrup is the latest cannabis innovation to sweep the country. Learn all about cannalean vs THC […]

How to Make DMT

DMT is a natural hallucinogen with a long history of spiritual usage. This compound is found in many plants and is an essential ingredient in Ayahuasca and other brews. You can find synthetic, lab-created DMT these days, but it’s also interesting to try the traditional version. Our DMT recipe walks you through the basics of […]