What Are Cannabis Seeds?

What Are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds are planted and used to make marijuana products like flowers, edibles, and concentrates. Cannabis sativa use has been legal in Canada since October 17, 2018, for medical and recreational purposes. This implies that you can access the best cannabis seed strains from Canadian seed banks.

You can buy cannabis seeds online at various stores across Canada, regardless of where you live—in Calgary, Edmonton, Mississauga, Montreal, North York, Scarborough, Toronto, Vancouver, or Winnipeg. Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS) is a Canadian seed bank, one of the leading providers of cannabis seed strains in Canada and the USA.


How Are Weed Seeds Made?

Cannabis seeds result from the fertilization of a female plant by a male plant. You don’t want this to happen if you’re breeding females for smokable bloom since the buds will fill with seeds. As a result, growers separate their female plants as soon as the sex is determined, and you should do the same.

The most important thing is cultivating only female plants to grow cannabis successfully. This is because female plants produce the highest quality flowers for smoking. Take note that the same female plants ought to be seedless.

Cannabis plants start to generate seeds in the event when a male plant has pollinated a female plant. However, dispensary-quality marijuana rarely contains seeds, and growing from a clone makes it unlikely that your plants would also produce seeds. Comparatively, female plants produce much more resin than male plants, hence why their buds are preferred for harvesting. The production of marijuana resin in the form of trichomes is essential to the plant’s reproductive cycle.

Therefore, while all female plants can produce seeds, pollination is necessary for their growth. By deliberately combining the genes of chosen female plants with the pollen from chosen male plants, breeders and seed banks act as geneticists and promote evolution. This results in seeds with carefully designed and carefully-selected features.


What Are the Different Types of Marijuana Seeds?

 There are three different types of seeds available:

  • Regular marijuana seeds
  • Feminised cannabis seeds
  • Autoflower seeds

Let’s briefly discuss each of them to know which is best for you.

What Are the Different Types of Marijuana Seeds?

Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are produced when a male and a female plant fertilize. For this reason, you won’t know the gender of your plant until flowering starts. Therefore, you must separate the males and females if your goal is to produce high-quality buds that contain cannabinoids.

Gender segregation hinders seed formation and pollination. Due to their inability to generate cannabinoid-producing flowers, male plants are often eliminated. The lack of cannabinoids makes the final product generally unappealing to consumers.

However, male plants do have additional advantages. One benefit of male plants is the production of a soft material that is helpful in the manufacture of hemp. Males produce the soft and robust fibre needed for hemp products like clothes, shoes, and everyday household items. Male plants also produce aromatic oils, which are excellent for smothering garden pests.


  • Being genetically unaltered, they are entirely pure
  • Produce both sexes so that new seeds can be created
  • Unlike feminized seeds, ordinary seeds don’t contain any chemicals
  • Other uses for seeds exist, such as the production of hemp

You can inspect the plant’s nodes for sex markers. The plant nodes are typically found on the stem near the buds. Check nodes for the development of two bracts or tiny sacs. On a male plant, pollen sacs form and disperse seeds and stigma for female plants.


Feminized Cannabis Seeds

As previously said, female plants are perfect for gardeners looking for highly concentrated cannabis. Instead of reproducing, unfertilized females will use their energy to create the potent cannabinoids known as Sensimilla. These sticky buds, generally found in stores, are potent cannabis forms. Today, most online retailers serve cannabis consumers across the country.


  • Sensimilla, the substance behind consumer-friendly cannabis products, is produced by female plants.
  • Feminized Cannabis seeds make the most of your growing area by allowing the necessary seeds to germinate.
  • Saves time and effort spent on plant male removal
  • Sex is not required, which can be difficult for beginners.


Auto-flower Seeds

Auto-flowering seeds are an excellent option for people who have never grown cannabis flowers. These plants start to flower after they reach a certain point (often ten weeks in).

A small amount of sunshine is all that is needed for an auto-flowering seed to complete its life cycle. This shortens the procedure for you and makes it easier. You can rest and let the plant grow independently rather than giving it several hours of light and darkness.

Because of its rapid growth and lesser maintenance requirements, this seed variety is suggested for new growers. Additionally, it is known for its resilience, auto-flowering, and strong genetics. For this reason, they can withstand mold and bug infestations while growing in your backyard.


  • It requires little daylight, making scheduling easier for you
  • It grows more quickly
  • It is a hardy plant that can defend itself from common garden problems


Why Genetics and a Good Breeder are Important?

Genetics is essential as it influences the size, colour, vigour, insect and mold resistance, fragrance, taste, yield, and total cannabinoid and terpene production of Cannabis plants. Similarly, good breeders’ strengths enhance better characteristics such as higher yields, potency, and specific aromas. Therefore, quality genetics and an expert breeder significantly increase the chances of high-quality seeds. 

Cannabis Seed Sprouting 4

The Expertise of the Cannabis Farmer and Grow Environment Makes a Huge Impact

 The growth of the Cannabis crop requires a lot of power. Countries with long winter seasons, like Canada, require more intensive power to grow it throughout the year. 

In the current world, which is geared towards sustainability, the cannabis industry has developed environmentally-minded designs to increase efficiency and GMP compliance. Some of these designs include processing systems, climate controls, and other designs geared toward cutting costs and reducing the use of natural resources.


Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Canada

You can purchase Autoflower, Regular and Feminized cannabis seeds just a click away in Canada. Auto-flower seeds are common in Canada since they don’t require much care and flower quickly.

Since Autoflower cannabis seeds require less time to flower, the weather in Canada is ideal for their outdoor growing. However, you are subject to a set grow period, so mistakes can be costly.

For most, feminised seeds are best because you can be sure your seeds will produce female cannabis plants that produce buds. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about male cannabis plants (for the most part).

So if you are looking for top-quality cannabis seeds online, you are right! Place an order today Just Cannabis and get fast shipping to your doorstep. You’ll find some of the best cannabis seeds in Canada.


To Sum Up

If you plan to grow your Marijuana plants, you must do proper research to purchase quality marijuana seeds. Before determining the seed’s growth requirements, choosing seeds comes first. The following article gives well-detailed information on where to get high-quality marijuana seeds and marijuana seeds cost and how to grow them to get your desired outcome.

Alternatively, you can bypass the whole growing hassle and just buy weed online in Canada from a marijuana dispensary. You will find all sorts of products, including marijuana flowers, weed edibles, cannabis concentrates and more! Moreover, you can save big with special offers and promotions or buy bulk weed for extra discounts.



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