Guide – How To Buy Weed Online

Ordering Cannabis or Mushroom products has never been easier. With our wiiiiiide range of selection in edibles, CBD, extracts, mushroom products you can choose any level of medical and recreational dosing.

How to order cannabis with Just Cannabis.

  1. Find the products you are looking for. If you get stuck, feel free to reach out to us over the live chat or email.
  2. Add those products to the cart one by one. Make sure you are ordering the desired THC or CBD or strengths, as some products have diverse blends of cannabinoids in them.
  3. Once you have your cart full of your desired goodies, hit the check out page and ready to select your shipping options, if any.
  4. If you have a coupon code, now is the time to use it. Don’t forget to use the coupon code before you place your order. If you accidently hit the submit order button, reach out to us and we’ll fix your order.
  5. Once you have placed your order, check your email for our invoice and follow the payment email to pay for your order.
  6. Once your order has been placed you will receive a tracking number in your email, and, voila! All you have to do is check the tracking link and see where your package is!
  7. Please be advised that in case of a product being out of stock our team may either credit or substitute with a similar product.