How Much Does Weed Cost?

How Much Does Weed Cost?

Before the legalization of marijuana, customers were not sure about the exact cost. As a result, the illicit market operates upon uncertain economic parameters. But that has dramatically changed. Marijuana quantities are precise and determined by either preference or medical prescription. Legal cannabis is accessible, and its price and distribution are controlled.

The main factors influencing the cost of weed are the regional location, the quantity of stash, the strain, and the quality. The critical question, however, is; how much does weed cost? 

Customers are wary about the price of weed, especially during periods of economic hardships as of now. This guide will highlight the weed price depending on various quantities of weed, your favourite weed strain, and your geographical location. 


What Determines the Price of Cannabis? 

The legalization of Cannabis in Canada was enacted on October 17, 2018. Before this legislation, weed prices were uncontrolled and unpredictable. Sellers set weed prices depending on the ease of marijuana procurement, the demand for the stash, and the associated risks posed by criminal indictment. 

However, with marijuana legalization came relief. Marijuana retailers have websites that feature a weed price calculator. Interested buyers can search these websites for their preferred strains, accessible cannabis dispensaries, and affordable prices. But what factors are considered by retailers when setting weed costs?

Let’s see below:

The Quantity of Weed

Weed is mainly measured in the following quantities:

  • Gram 
  • An eighth (3.5 grams) 
  • A quarter ounce (7 grams)
  • A half-ounce (14 grams)
  • An ounce (28 grams)

The largest unit of weed is a pound (approximately 453 grams). But in Canada, authorities can only allow a stoner to stash up to an ounce of weed (about 28 grams). 

The average price of a gram of weed in Canada is about seven dollars. Therefore, by multiplying this weed price by the number of grams constituting each stash, you can predict the prices of the different quantities available in the market. 

The Quality of Weed

There are three ranges of weed quality in the market. High-quality weed, medium quality, and low quality. The quality of weed is determined by how the product is cultivated. An organically grown cannabis plant costs much more than other varieties. 

Weed cultivation techniques that are tedious and controlled tend to be high quality, while techniques that require less supervision produce low-quality weed. Proper dispensaries stratify the different qualities of weed alongside their reasonable prices.

The Legality Status

Different countries and regions have various levels of legality apportioned to marijuana usage. They include:

  • Decriminalized 
  • Legal for recreational and medical use
  • Legal for medical use (medical marijuana)
  • Illegal 

How Much Do Different Grades of Weed Cost?

  1. Decriminalization

Decriminalizing marijuana abuse means that those in its possession can no longer be sentenced to prison. But it does not constitute total legality. In addition, weed costs are bound to be higher because its availability is restrained. 

  1. Illegal

In places where marijuana abuse is a criminal offence, the sellers take the risk of distributing weed. The dealer controls the prices, and consumers needing a joint is subject to sharp price fluctuations and have no say whatsoever in influencing prices.

  1. Legal for Recreational and Medical Use

Full legality ensures both recreational and medical use of marijuana. As a result, many people buy weed freely, and supply is maximized to meet this demand. Competition is also high because of diminished risks, and prices are controlled by consumer demand. 

  1. Medical Marijuana 

A doctor’s prescription complements the legality of medical use. It is a criminal offence to consume marijuana unless allowed by a qualified medical practitioner. Recreational users are prohibited, therefore, causing the prices to soar. 

Canada allows full legality of the consumption and sale of weed. The heightened consumer demand determines the weed prices and, therefore, are not expensive compared to other countries.

Geographical Location 

Cannabis cultivation requires optimum warmth and stable climatic conditions. Soil conditions and environmental temperatures determine the THC content. It is not possible to produce high-quality weed in harsh conditions. Most parts of Canada are very cold, making it impossible to grow marijuana outdoors. Cultivators are forced to opt for indoor production, which causes weed prices to soar in these areas.

Retail Status

There are different kinds of licensed weed dispensaries across Canada. Each of them sets its prices depending on the economic status of its customers, taxation cuts by the local or federal government, local laws, packaging policies, and strains sold. 


How Much Do Different Grades of Weed Cost?

The grading system of weed in Canada depends on the THC and CBD content in weed, drug potency, bud structure, and aesthetic quality. As a result, there are differences between these grades of weed. The ash colour, as well as the taste, differs considerably. High-quality weed leaves are white ash, while low-quality weed leaves are black ashes.


The Ranking of Different Grades of Weed and Their Average Price

A grade (singles) – The poorest quality of weed. It is also very cheap. Singles are also referred to as street marijuana. It has to be smoked in high quantities for it to take effect. A gram of a single cost about five Canadian dollars. 

AA grade (dubs)AA weed has a poor bud structure and an unpleasant brown appearance. However, it can get you more stoned compared to the ‘A’ grade. A gram of a dub costs about six dollars. 

AAA grade (trips)AAA weed is better quality than AA grades. They have a poor bud density than the AAAA grade. The THC level is higher than the AA grade. One gram costs about seven dollars.

AAAA (quads) – It is also called premium weed. It has strong, pungent fumes, more THC/CBD content than lesser grades, and higher potency. One gram of a quad is about eight dollars. 

AAAA+ (high quads) – It contains many qualities of AAAA weed grade but has additional aesthetic qualities and higher drug potency. One gram of this grade costs about ten dollars. 

Best Ways to Save on Marijuana Costs

Best Ways to Save on Marijuana Costs

Regular cannabis consumers may find themselves in a fix. The constant desire to stone could be draining your stash. In precarious economic times as now, every cent matters.

Marijuana costs can be reduced to fit within your contracted budget comfortably. If you intend to save up money used to buy weed, adopt habits that optimize your cannabis use, seek lower prices or sellers with a bulk discount, utilize smaller quantities, or purchase larger quantities for a lower price with the aim of long-term consumption.

1. Pursue Discount Deals

Many dispensaries run weekly or monthly offers when stoners can buy their favourite strain of weed below the average price. Regularly visit these websites and seize the opportunities.

2. Buying in Bulk Quantities

Sometimes, it is not economical for a regular stoner to spend money on a few joints daily. It is important to note that many dispensaries sell bulk weed at cheaper retail prices. An ounce of weed that could be sustained for a long time costs less than daily joints. You can save even more when you buy bulk weed online in Canada.

3. Cultivate Your Marijuana

You could simply select the strain of weed you like and plant it. It gives you more control over the materials or processes you employ. In the long run, you would not need to visit dispensaries to buy your weed. You can also sell surplus weed.

4. Opt for Better Consumption Methods

How much weed you use sometimes depends on the consumption method. Ordinarily, rolling a blunt uses a lot of weed. A small joint requires almost half a gram of marijuana. For a hard stoner, an eighth ounce of weed could be diminished in a day. You could try smoking using pipes. It helps conserve the stash and reduce the expenses incurred when buying weed.


What is the Best Place to Buy Cheap Weed In Canada?

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