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Medically Reviewed on September 3, 2021 by Dr. K Langdon

Buy hash online in Canada at Just Cannabis and enjoy the richness of our premium-quality hashish. Our hash derives from only top-grade buds to produce the finest bricks of hash you can find. Order hashish now and get free pre-rolled joints with your purchase. 

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For more information on hash, read below. 


What is Hash?

Hashish is an Arabic word that roughly translates to “grass.” People recorded its first appearance around 900 AD; however, some similar hash forms, like charas, have existed before written documentation. Hash arrived in Europe in the 1900s, primarily for research purposes, which introduced new and better extraction processes that allowed the introduction of hash into medications. 

Hash was picked up well in Western society since it quickly became the key ingredient in many medications. However, the public attitude toward this particular weed concentrate soon changed, forcing it to be removed entirely from all medicines in the US and other countries. 

Hash is a dark brown, waxy substance produced by compressing trichomes of the budding cannabis flower. Trichomes are small hairlike mushroom-shaped structures that contain up to 90% of the total THC content of a plant. Hash is extracted by screen-sieving and hand-rubbing the flower containing trichomes. Hashish is one of the most potent weed concentrates to existing at the moment. It has THC content ranging from 60-90% and includes the exact active ingredients as marijuana. The only difference lies in quantity. Hash is a weed concentrate, and as the name suggests, it has a higher concentration of active ingredients, which allows packing a strong punch in a smaller pack. 

Benefits of THC
Benefits of THC

Benefits of Using Hash

Hash provides similar benefits as regular weed and only in a bit more intensity due to it being more potent. These benefits include:

  • Higher levels of relaxation 
  • Increased in overall mood and happiness
  • A heightened sense of euphoria


Below are some of the most common effects associated with hash use:

Relaxation Happiness Uplifted-ness
Focus Creativity Energy 
Euphoria Hunger Sedation


Medical Benefits

  • Help fight anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Sedative properties good for aches and pain
  • Promotes appetite loss
  • Helps with insomnia and other sleep disorders


Below are some of the most common medical uses of hashish:

Anxiety Depression Stress
Aches Pains Inflammation
Muscle Spasms Insomnia Lack of Appetite
Glaucoma Epilepsy Addictions
Fatigue Nausea Spasticity
Movement Disorders Autoimmune Issues

Side Effects


The short-term effects of too high levels of hash directly impact the person’s psychological and physical abilities. Hash users may experience memory-related problems, difficulty in problem-solving, anxiety, panic attacks, hallucinations, loss of coordination, and an abnormally high heart rate

The long-term effects of hash are still unknown, but several studies outline the impacts of the long-term use of marijuana. Studies have shown that heavy cannabis can cause severe paranoia, hallucinations, anxiety, and stress. Studies have also shown that THC affects memory, perception, and judgment. The weed can also impair the learning and attention skills of heavy cannabis users.

Hash, or any other cannabis product that is high in THC for that matter, is especially detrimental to pregnant or nursing women. Studies have shown that women who use THC during pregnancy give birth to smaller babies that weigh less than the average. The smaller size, later on, becomes the reason for the baby’s numerous medical conditions. Breastfeeding women should also refrain from using THC, especially during the first month of breastfeeding, as the THC content can be transferred to the baby through the breast milk, causing impairment in motor development.

Besides hash, other weed concentrates are also not devoid of side effects

Below are some of the most common adverse effects associated with hash use.

Dry Mouth Red Eyes Lethargy
Dizziness Paranoia Anxiousness
Headaches Nausea Vomiting
Chest Pain Rapid Heart Rate Memory Retention Issues
Coordination Issues Respiratory Irritation Increased Heart Rate
Low Blood Pressure Drowsiness Restlessness


Different Hash Types

  • Finger Hash is when you rub resin off your fingers into a ball.
  • Dry Sift Hash is when you compress kief.
  • Bubble Hash is a solventless extraction process that yields the highest THC.

Methods to take Hash

  • Vape: Like any other cannabis flower or oil, you can also use hash in vaporizers. Vaporizers are getting the spotlight nowadays because they offer a safer, discreet, and healthier way of consuming cannabis products, unlike its main competition, i.e., regular joint. Vaporizers do not require an open flame, making them instantly healthier as the user doesn't have to inhale toxic carbon monoxide. Vaporizers also do not produce any smoke or odour, making their use more acceptable in a social environment.
  • The Sketchy Pole Method: This is one of the most popular smoking hash methods because it is simple and very effective. All you have to do is attach hash to the end of a paperclip, light it up and inhale all the smoke produced using a straw. This method is common in the Middle East and Europe
  • The Hot Knives Method: This method is a little risky and may even hurt beginners, but once they get the hang of it, they'll know that the pain and burns were completely worth it. This method requires two butter knives that you heat to a high temperature. You place the hash on one of the butter knives, and you press the other knife on top of the hash. Use a straw to smoke away but be careful not to go too close to the heat source.
  • Bottle Hits: As the name suggests, this method requires a bottle, a cigarette, and hash. All you have to do is make a small hole at the bottom of the bottle. This hole is usually tiny but allows inserting a cigarette through it. Insert your cigarette in that hole and place hash on it. Use a fire source like a lighter that creates minimal flame to light the hash. Let the cigarette and hash burn out entirely inside the bottle, and make sure the bottle is covered correctly, so no smoke gets out. Once they’ve burned out, take big whiffs of the smoke trapped inside.
  • The Glass Tee-Pee Method: If you’re looking for a more pungent whiff, this is the method you should choose. This method aims to move the smoke into a glass. For this, you need to stick a pin into the cigarette. Then, move the two into a glass while holding the same position. Now place the hash on top of the cigarette and light it up. Try to trap as much smoke as you can in the glass and get yourself ready for a big whiff of powerful and potent smoke.

    Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

    There is a variety of cannabis concentrates hitting the market over the years. Below are some of the most common THC-based concentrates found in Canada.

    Shatter: This group of concentrate belongs to the weed wax family. Weed shatter is a wax that is a hard substance that is clear and typically amber in colour. 

    Budder: This is another member of the weed wax family. Budder wax has a softer and more pliable structure and is relatively easy to manage. It is one of the preferable methods of weed consumption because it is delicious and potent.

    Oil: Weed oil is one of the most common forms of cannabis concentrate in Canada. You can take it in various methods, where the most common is placing a few drops under the tongue. 

    Live Resin | Terp Sauce: These are high terpene products. High terpenes mean that live resin and terp sauces attempt to maintain as much of the original plant flavours as possible. The result is some of the tastiest and most flavorful concentrates on the market. 

    Kief | Dry Sift: These are the crystals that you can remove from buds. Dry-sift (aka kief) is any trichome that falls off the plant. 

    Distillate: Cannabis Distillates are one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrate. The majority of unwanted plant material gets removed in the distillation process. 

    Moon Rocks: These are buds that have been dipped in a concentrate and then covered in kief. Moon rocks are a triple treat of marihuana goodness. 

    Phoenix Tears: These items belong to the cannabis oil family. The difference between THC Phoenix Tears and marijuana oil is in the extraction method. The result is a product that you take in the same way as you would weed oil. 

    Topicals: These items are different from the rest of the cannabis concentrates because you typically use topicals externally to the skin. Under no circumstances should you ever try to eat or smoke Cannabis creams.


    Alternative Products 

    Cannabis holds title to a wide range of THC-based products. There are marijuana flowers, weed edibles, concentrates, and vapes. Also, there are CBD products that don’t cause intoxication. There are even magic mushroom products that are sure to take you on a psychedelic journey.


    Below are some of the most popular alternatives to cannabis concentrates.

    • Weed Edibles: For non-smokers, or for anyone who just can’t smoke in a particular situation, cannabis edibles are perfect.
    • Cannabis Flower: For those old-fashioned stoners out there, you will never be able to replace traditional marijuana buds. 
    • CBD Products: If you want the benefits that cannabinoids provide but without getting high, CBD oil is worth a shot. 
    • Magic Mushrooms: These psilocybin-based goodies are for those looking for an out-of-this-world hallucinogenic experience.


    Buy Hash Online in Canada | Just Cannabis

    Get your hash at Just Cannabis, your #1 online weed dispensary in Canada. We have everything from premium cannabis to concentrates, edibles and CBD products. At Just Cannabis Canada, we have it all!



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    Hashish | Buy Hash Online in Canada

    Medically Reviewed on September 3, 2021 by Dr. K Langdon

    Buy hash online in Canada at Just Cannabis and enjoy the richness of our premium-quality hashish. Our hash derives from only top-grade buds to produce the finest bricks of hash you can find. Order hashish now and get free pre-rolled joints with your purchase.