Learn How To Roll A Blunt

Learn How To Roll A Blunt

The names bluntsand jointsare often used interchangeably, but these terms refer to different methods. Learning how to roll a blunt is a valuable addition to your knowledge and skills. Whether youre a new marijuana user and want to branch out from the typical joint, or if youre an experienced cannabis enthusiast who loves perfecting the art, blunts are worth exploring. Lets learn all about blunts, including how theyre different from joints,  how to roll a blunt, and how to smoke a blunt.

What Is A Blunt? Blunt vs Joints

Similar to a joint, a blunt is a marijuana-filled cigarette. The main difference is that joints use rolling papers, but blunts are rolled up in tobacco leaf papers. These different materials give joints and blunts unique colours, textures, and effects.

Joints tend to be a translucent white colour since rolling papers are usually white. Theyre also smooth to the touch. Since joints only contain marijuana, they deliver typical cannabis effects.

On the other hand, blunts are dark tan or brown, thanks to the tobacco leaf paper. Blunts also have a dense, coarse feel that makes them unique. Since blunts contain some tobacco, youll also have a different experience when you learn how to smoke a blunt instead of a joint.

Materials To Roll A Blunt

Rolling a blunt is similar to rolling a joint, but some steps are different. If youve successfully rolled a joint before, you can roll a blunt. If this is your first time trying to roll either method, simply take a deep breath and be patient with yourself. Youll probably love smoking blunts once you try it. 

Start by gathering the following materials:

  • Your favourite dried marijuana strain
  • Grinder
  • Rolling tray
  • Razorblade or sharp knife
  • Tobacco rolling paper


There are a few different ways to source your rolling paper. Todays weed dispensaries carry a range of top-quality tobacco papers that are perfect for making blunts. In addition, you can visit your local pot shop to see their options and find a leaf wrap youll love.

You can also take the traditional route that many stoners resorted to when learning how to roll a blunt. Simply buy a pre-rolled tobacco cigar or cigarillo and then empty it. All you need to do next is refill it with cannabis, roll it back up, and get going. This method is easy and convenient, so you should try it out sometime on your marijuana journey.


Step One: Grind Your Weed

Use your grinder to break up your dried cannabis. Grinders are great tools because they evenly divide your herb. However, they arent essential. You can also break down marijuana with your fingers if you need to. Just make sure not to disturb the delicate trichomes that hold all your active ingredients.

Step Two: Prepare Your Tobacco Leaf Wrap

This step will be different depending on whether youre using a new tobacco wrap or if youre emptying a cigar. You can prepare a cigar by cutting it down the center. You dont want to break through to the other side of the cigar, but you should split it from top to bottom. Then, carefully empty the tobacco, trying not to tear or crack your wrap in this process.

Whether youre using an empty cigar or a new wrap, you should moisten it a bit before moving on. You can use water with a brush or spray bottle. Some people also use their saliva.

Step Three: Fill Your Paper

This part of how to roll a blunt is very similar to rolling a joint. First, add your ground cannabis to the wrap, aiming for just the right amount. You dont want to add too much or too little.

Step Four: Roll Your Blunt

Next, carefully roll your blunt into a cylinder. If youre using an empty cigar, it can be easy to encourage the tobacco to wrap back into its original shape. If youre using a new paper, use your thumb and forefinger to roll the blunt up. 

Once your blunt is rolled, tamp your cannabis down until its evenly distributed. You can seal your blunt by licking the inside of the wrap, then pressing the sides together. Once the seal is solid, congratulate yourself on learning how to roll a blunt. You can celebrate by lighting up and enjoying your hard work.

Some Final Words

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