Fall Cannabis Guide

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For some people, Fall is their favourite season of the year. The colourful leaves that line the streets, the brisk morning air and the endless hot chocolate all work together to create a cozy concoction that many people wait for year-round. And then there are people like me, who see Fall a bit differently. The supposed beauty of the leaves is overshadowed by their potential for me slipping on them and breaking my arm. The brisk morning air is not brisk but rather biting and makes getting out of bed like summiting Everest and the endless hot chocolate is replaced by an endless cold that has you wondering if you are, in fact, dying.

Whether you identify as the former or the latter, or anywhere in between, we’ve put together a list of the best activities to either get you through the Fall or to enhance it:


For those that fear the outside during the colder months, this may take a bit more self-convincing, however, you will be happy once you get out there. Most people think summer weather when they imagine going for a hike but for a lot of places in Canada, summer is more of a fleeting idea, than a season we can rely on. Therefore you have to make the most of what you’ve got. Obviously, I’m biased, but I think most people from around the world would agree that we in Canada are surrounded by some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes on the planet. That is also not exclusive to just the summer months. 

We suggest packing a bag with your favourite munchies, rolling up a few large joints, tying up your hiking boots and going out for a walk. Whether you live close to the woods, the prairies, the suburbs or in the middle of nowhere, the abundance of breathtaking beauty surrounding us at all times is astounding. Life can get overwhelming and we can become blinded by all the other worries and problems in our life to the incredible nature that surrounds us. Sometimes you need a different perspective to appreciate what we have and cannabis is an incredibly useful tool for that. Lighting up a joint and watching the smoke dance with the condensation in your breath or drinking some medicated-hot chocolate as it warms your whole body is a unique experience and you owe yourself to try! 

Dress Warm!

Just be sure to dress warmly as using cannabis can affect some people’s body temperature. It is also important to stay safe if going outside during the colder months as there are more risks at play. Whether you are consuming THC or not, it is always essential to be prepared if you are embarking on a hike in the woods or any area you are unfamiliar with really. Keep yourself safe by letting someone know where you are going and when you should be back and try and travel in groups if you can! That said, if you prefer a solo walk, then you do you! Just be safe! 

For the ideal Fall walk or hike we recommend:

Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Don’t let the aggressive branding intimidate you. ATF is an wonderful Sativa strain with delicious terpenes that can spice up any outdoor excursion!


VIDA – Tinted Lip Budder


VIDA Lip Budder comes in 4 amazing flavours to help keep your lips happy during those freakishly cold days. We also offer MOTA’s CBD Lip Balm for those looking for a pure CBD option.

Books and Movies

Some people choose to embrace the season and create a cozy vibe at home. Do you remember 20 years ago when you would flip endlessly through the channels trying to find something, ANYTHING, to watch and keep yourself even mildly entertained? We have come a long way and instead find ourselves with a different problem; where there is too much content to watch and not enough time to consume it all. With no shortage of e-books and streaming services many people find themselves constantly saying “I’ll watch it later” or “I’ll read it when I get time”. Well, later is now! 

As nice as it is to spend some time outside in the Fall, eventually it gets cold and dark and when it does there’s nothing quite as inviting as a warm couch. Use this opportunity to catch up on whatever series or movies you’ve been putting off or read that book that’s been staring at you on your coffee table wondering why, until now, it has only had joints rolled on it. Just be sure to not spend too much time looking at the TV or your computer as too much screen time can contribute to feeling down during the darker months.  An app like Flux can help you adjust better to the natural light, as a bright screen can affect sleep patterns making it all the more difficult to get out of bed in the morning. 


Halloween is right around the corner and there are something like a million and one horror movie’s out there. Why not smoke a powerful Indica and see if you can’t reach the same level of fear as when you watched a scary movie for the first time as a child. You know, like when you were so scared the first time you saw The Sixth Sense that you ran out of the room and threw up but then snuck back downstairs to finish the movie in the middle of the night only to repeat the same incident from earlier? Just me?

Alternatively, if you find scary movies too… well, scary, then try smoking a nice Sativa dominant Hybrid with a few friends and make a game out of laughing at how ridiculous it all is. Just don’t try it on your own or you might end up more scared than usual.

We recommend the following products to enhance your at-home entertainment experience:

Skywalker OG

Skywalker has the incredible kush taste while managing to be a nice hybrid, ideal for taking it easy and watching a movie or reading a book.

Afghan Hash (Gold Seal)

This Afghan Hash lives true to its lineage, consisting of all the best qualities you want in a hash. The perfect addition to a joint or bowl to give things that extra layer of chill.


Dinner Parties and Game Nights

Surrounding yourself with friends and family can help make the Fall even better. People tend to retreat and become more reclusive during winter months, meaning long gaps in seeing people. While this may be alright for your situation, you may have a family or friend who is feeling down and could use the company. 

Keeping up an active social life can help a lot of people either get through the Fall or for those who love the season, can enhance it. We discussed Cannabis Game Nights on a recent blog. A game night can help break the ice and get people out of their comfort zone a little bit. If people are not up for a game night, or you’re just concerned that you are TOO GOOD at games and would, therefore, dominate the competition making it no fun for anyone, an ordinary get together is welcomed by many people, and for others, it could be the highlight of their month and just what they needed to keep pushing through the darker months.

Adding a nice joint or some edibles can help any party! Just be sure to make sure everyone is comfortable and people are dosing safely. 

Here are a few suggestions to make your next game night or dinner party even better:

Mota – Canna Cocoa
A Fall/Wintertime classic with a potent twist! Forget adding whiskey to your hot chocolate, you’ve got something even better.

Mota – Monster Jellies

These candies make the perfect addition to any party! Just make sure they are way out of reach of any children.

Arts and Crafts  

It turns out leaves are good for more than just turning into slippery death traps. Many people capitalize on the beauty and colour palette of Autumn and use all it has to offer to create crafts and decorations. Perfect for a group activity or to do on your own, there’s something especially satisfying about making your own crafts. 

Next rainy day, check out one of the literal thousands of arts and craft suggestions offered online and find the one that is right for you. Smoking a nice Sativa or taking a low dose of THC can help get the creativity flowing and you’ll find yourself lost in the project.

Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel adds fuel to your creative fire, making the whole experience even more enjoyable!


Boost Edibles Cherry 150mg THC


Boost Edibles Cherry gummies not only taste great, but they also offer a consistent and reliable dose. A perfect ingredient for your next craft session.





Some people not only dislike the cold or dark weather but actually get depressed in the winter seasons. This is referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, and is a condition we are still learning a lot about. 


What was once brushed off as just a case of the ‘winter blues’ is now given more consideration and is regarded as a legitimate medical condition. Already, researchers have found a significant connection between depression and the change in seasons.


As someone who suffers greatly from SAD, I know that the depression that comes with it can feel overwhelming and can force you to isolate yourself even more and become less productive. While this may feel like the easiest way to deal with it, there are healthier ways to get through it that may do more to improve your mood. For many people, they don’t feel productive in the winter months, which causes depression, which in turn makes them even less productive. By utilizing any of the suggestions you give yourself a chance to feel more accomplished and productive. Obviously there are many factors at play with SAD, the lack of light being the most prominent, however whatever small changes you can make to help with your mood will benefit your mental health overall. 

In Closing

Fall can be a lot of things for different people. For some its a time to hunker down and enjoy all that it has to offer. For others, Fall and Winter may be a more challenging time where they battle depression, only made worse or triggered by the darkness. Whatever Fall is for you, there are always ways to make it better. If you are lucky enough to enjoy and love Fall and Winter, reach out to your loved ones and see if they are as fortunate as you. You will inevitably find that some do not share your same enthusiasm. By utilizing these suggestions, you and your loved ones alike can make the most of Fall and find the happiness and comfort that you deserve.

Fall and Winter can be tough for many of us. Stay strong. Stay positive. Reach out to your friends. Don’t be afraid of being a burden; you’re family and friends love you no matter what. The darkness will recede and light will come in its place. It always does. Just give it time, treat yourself with love, and enjoy the seasons as best you can.

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