How to Make Hash?

How to make Hash

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

You’ve probably tried hash and liked it and must be wondering if you can make hash at home. If that’s the case, we’ve got good news for you. By following some simple rules and staying patient, you can make a hash at home. And while there are plenty of methods to make homemade hash, we’ve gathered top ways to make the drug. But first, let’s take a look at what hash is.

Also known as Hashish, hash is a pretty popular drug that comes from compressing trichomes. Trichomes are tiny transparent particles that live all over the plant. These crystal-like particles are present in the flowers of the cannabis plant. The thing that makes these small crystals extremely special is that they are full of THC and CBD. In simple words, these are responsible for the ‘high’ that we feel after we smoke hash, as well as the recognizable aroma of this fantastic plant. If you have more experience with cannabis and want to get the best hash, you can begin with more potent strains of cannabis.

To further explain the process, hash is made by picking out crystals from the plant, including stems, leaves, and buds. After methods like heating and pressing form, the ever-powerful concentrate of the plant, the colour of the hash varies, as does its quality. The perfect quality hash is usually golden and brown. In comparison, not-so-high-quality hash has a greenish tint, which indicates that the stuff is “more of the plant” than necessary. 

While many people turn to dispensaries for hash, many dispensaries don’t offer the best strains, nor can the product’s origin always be traced. Producing your own hash means you can rest assured that what you put into the process is what you’ll get out of it.

Here is a list of top methods that will answer all your questions regarding how to make hash.

Traditional Hand Rolling Method AKA ‘Finger Hash’

Method one to making hash is traditional hand rolling. It’s considered the simplest and the most effective way of making a hash as it doesn’t require any special tools or equipment. To date, this method remains the most widely used in places like Nepal and India.

But make no mistake, this is a hard day’s work as the process will be tedious. But if you’re looking to make hash for personal use, it may suit you best as this method is ideal for smaller yields.

The hand-rolling method requirements are:

  • Fresh cannabis buds (using dried cannabis is not recommended)
  • A spotless pair of hands.

Start by washing your hands with a non-scented soap. You can repeatedly wash them for the most organic results and make sure not to dry them using your usual towel. Let them air dry if you can.

Grab a bud and make sure to get rid of all the leaves and stems. You just need the buds.

Place the buds between your hands, so it sits right in the center of your two palms.

Now, making sure you’re not applying too much pressure on the buds and start rolling them in a circular motion.

Soon you’ll be able to notice a dark, thick resin appearing on the insides of your hands and even your fingers. That blackish substance is what you’ll later refer to as a hash. Carefully gather all that hash, first between your hands and then onto some clean surface or parchment paper.

Let it dry for a while before you cut or create your balls of hash, and that’s it. How easy was that?

Mechanical Method

The second method consists of using a mechanical drum. That is the choice method when aiming for larger yields. The mechanical drum consists of a large silkscreen. When you turn on the machine, the screen starts spinning. That causes the crystals (trichomes) to separate from the rest of the plant and its materials. 

This method has its downside, though. The pollinator drum you use for making hash can cost you a small fortune. An ordinary pollinator drum can cost between $350-400.

If investing in equipment isn’t an issue, here’s the process and here is what you’ll need:

  • Trimmed cannabis
  • One mechanical drum (pollinator)

You should first freeze the trimmed cannabis because it works well with the process.

You start by placing the frozen plant inside the drum and turn on the switch; the drum will take care of the rest. Next, it will spin around to make the plant rub against the screen (silkscreen) placed at the bottom. This process is known to provide highly potent results.

Flat Iron Method

The final method is relatively more straightforward and less expensive. You’ll be happy to know that your flat iron is not just about straightening your hair. You can also use it to prepare your hash. How about that?

We’ll start by promising you that you will not burn our hands or the material we’re planning to create. Here is the shortlist of supplies you will need:

  • One flat iron
  • Cannabis flower
  • Vegetable paper (parchment)

Separate the flowers from the plant in small amounts.

Cut the paper in 3×6 inches.

Place a bud in the paper and fold it before you iron the paper for a few seconds. Repeat a few times.

Let it sit for a few seconds before you make contact with it since it might be hot. Then, open the paper to notice a few dark-coloured drops. Those drops are resin, and they appear to squeeze and apply heat to the paper containing the buds.

You can use tweezers and to take the resin away and continue the process for each bud.

A Conclusion on How to Make Hash

We now know various methods of how to make hashish. However, if you want to skip the hash-making process, you can buy hash online in Canada from dispensaries such as JustCannabis.Shop. At Just Cannabis, we offer a wide selection of top-grade hash at affordable prices. Save now with our weekly promotions and special ongoing offers.

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