5 Different Methods Of How To Smoke Dabs Without A Rig

5 Different Methods Of How To Smoke Dabs Without A Rig

Dabbing is a way of enjoying THC-rich weed concentrates. Using a dab rig is the most common way of smoking concentrates, but this method isnt perfect for everyone. Whether youre a beginner without a rig of your own, youre caught without your rig, or you just want to try something new, you can always learn many methods how to smoke dabs without a rig. In fact, smoking dabs without a rig can expose you to fun new ways to enjoy your weed.

5 Different Methods Of How To Smoke Dabs Without A Rig

Explore five of the most popular methods to smoke dabs even if you dont have a rig on hand.

The Knife Method

Hot knifing is a well-known and straightforward way to enjoy THC concentrates without a rig. So even if youre a first-time dabber, youre sure to enjoy yourself. Plus, its easy to do. Just gather these simple tools to get started.

  • Two metal butter knives
  • Plastic soda bottle
  • Blowtorch or gas stove


Different Methods Of How To Smoke Dabs Without A Rig

Hot-Knifing Instructions

  1. Empty your soda bottle and cut it in half. You only need the top of the bottle and can remove the cap. Once youve done this, place the bottle on a flat surface.
  2. Heat one knife with your blow torch or over the stove. Apply plenty of heat, or the knife wont be hot enough.
  3. Use the cool knife to collect some concentrate and carefully place it on the heated blade. When the concentrate touches the hot knife, the heat will fully vaporize the wax.
  4. Use the top of the bottle to inhale the smoke. Put your mouth over the spout and place the open side over the knife, catching the vapour.

If you dont have a soda bottle, you can use a funnel or straw. And if you only have one knife, you can use a fork or paper clip to put the concentrate onto the blade.

Hot knifing is easy to pull off, but it can be wasteful. Some of the vapour will disperse into the air around you and it can be hard to catch enough to smoke. Regardless, this is still one of the main ways of smoking dabs without a rig.

Different Methods Of How To Smoke Dabs Without A Rig

The Bowl Method

Another way how to smoke dabs without a rig is by using the bowl method. In this process, youll melt the concentrate in a bowl and inhale the vapours. Gather the following materials:

  • Glass bowl (from a bong or bubbler)
  • Metal dabber, knife, or another pointed metal tool
  • Weed buds

Bowl Method Instructions

  1. Place some weed into the bowl and light it like normal.
  2. Use your dabber to add some concentrate to the bowl. If you dont have a dabber, try using a knife or other metal tool. At this point, you can start smoking.

This is another easy way of how to smoke dabs without a rig. For the best experience, only fill your bowl halfway with weed. The bowl wont go out like normal, so try to hit the bowl continuously so you dont lose all the smoke. This method is ideal if youre smoking with friends and can pass the bowl around quickly.


Rolling Paper Method

Rolling Paper Method

You can still learn to smoke dabs without a rig if you dont have a bong or bubbler. If you can roll a joint, you can roll a dab. Other than your favourite concentrate, all you need are the following materials:

Rolling Paper Instructions

  1. Place some dab directly on the rolling paper using a dabber or knife. Next, add your buds and roll up like usual.
  2. Another method is to add your cannabis flower and roll the joint first, then add your concentrate to the outside of the joint. This method works best if youre using wax. Watching the wax burn can create a fun visual effect, but be careful of hot drips while you smoke.


A modern way of smoking dabs without a rig is to use a vape pen instead. Vaping isnt as wasteful as some other methods because you can control the smoking rate better. However, youll taste the vape as well as the dab. It wont taste horrible, but you should be aware of going in, so youre not surprised.

To vape, all you need is a vape pen and RDA (Re-useable Drip Atomizer).

Vaping Instructions

  1. Place your dab onto the heating coil and plug it into the RDA. If you prefer, you can add some flavour as well.
  2. Turn on your pen and vape like usual.


Healthstone Method

A healthstone or vapour stone is an excellent alternative to a rig. If you want to learn how to smoke dabs without a rig, this method can work with your current setup. Youll need the following tools:

  • Bong or glass bowl
  • Healthstone
  • Blow torch

Healthstone Instructions

  1. Place your healthstone into your glass bowl or bong.
  2. Add some of your concentrates to the healthstone and heat it with a blow torch. If you dont have a torch, dont waste your time using a standard lighter. It cant get hot enough. A gas stove will work if you have one. Apply heat until the concentrates start to vaporize.
  3. Inhale through the glass bowl or bongs mouthpiece.

Healthstones are ceramic, so they dont release any toxins when heated. However, make sure not to touch the healthstone after you heat it because it will burn you.

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