Best White Marijuana Strains in the World

Best White Marijuana Strains in the World

With Christmas in the air, it is suiting to discuss the best white marijuana strains. Of course, white weed doesn’t really have anything to do with the Christmas season per se, but with snow on the ground, why not? 

White cannabis typically gets its name from its buds that are covered in trichomes giving off a white appearance. The crystals are packed on these buds and look like white ice crystals like you’d see outside on a brisk winter’s day. Keep in mind that not all white weed strains appear white, but many of these strains do if grown to their potential.

Let’s take a look a look at some of the best white cannabis strains you can find.

White Cheese

White Cheese is one of the best white marijuana strains you can find. The White Cheese cannabis strain is a hybrid strain that contains 60% indica and 40% Sativa. Furthermore, it has an average THC content of 14%-16%.

The plant has bumpy green buds with amber pistils, a thick resin and white crystals coating, and dark purple leaves. The White Cheese marijuana strain has buds that fill the air with the scent of cheese and some skunk undertones. When the White Cheese weed strain buds combust, they produce smooth smoke that tastes skunky but leaves a cheese flavour on the tongue after exhaling.

The White Cheese weed strain is used in the medical field to treat anxiety, pain, nausea, depression, and insomnia.

The high of the White Cheese strain kicks in immediately and leaves the user feeling euphoric, happy, and pain-free. Sometimes, the decreased focus is also an effect. After several hours of pain-free relaxation, a drowsing effect will kick in and cause deep, restful sleep.

Wifi Strain

Also called WiFi OG and White Fire OG, the Wifi cannabis strain is a 60:40 Sativa-leaning hybrid that makes for a good daytime toke. With a THC content that lands between 22% and 28%, this strain is enjoyed by recreational and medicinal users alike. The forest-green buds covered in tiny white trichomes and orange hairs emit a diesel, earthy, and sour aroma. The taste of the Wifi marijuana strain is like citrus and black pepper. This strain results in a high that leaves users feeling creative, social, and giggly. 

The Wifi weed strain has many practical uses for medicinal marijuana users. Its uplifting effects on mood can help users with chronic stress, depression, inattentiveness, fatigue, and anxiety. In addition, its analgesic properties make it a perfect option for users that suffer from chronic headaches, migraines, and bodily pain. That makes this strain one of the world’s best white marijuana strains.

White Russian

The White Russian weed strain is in the running to be the world’s best white marijuana strain. It is a balanced hybrid strain with a perfect 50% Sativa and 50 % Indica. It also has average THC levels averaging between 19% to 25%.

The White Russian weed strain has light green leaves with hairy buds. The smell is spicy and skunky, and it’s an excellent weed strain for novice smokers since the smoke is smooth and easy on the mouth, throat, and lungs. In addition, the taste of the White Russian cannabis strain is pleasant.

The main medical uses for the White Russian cannabis strain are ADHD management, stress, anxiety, and depression. Because of its high THC levels, it is also great for relieving body aches and pains, as well as muscle spasms and migraines. 

The White Russian marijuana strain is a hybrid between AK47 and White Widow and will induce euphoria, happiness, creativity, and relaxation. It will also make you chatty, active, and productive.

White Widow

The Sativa-dominant White Widow cannabis strain has been around since the 90s and represents a 60:40 Sativa to Indica ratio of the Brazil Sativa and South Indian Indica strains. The strain can reach THC levels ranging from 18% to 25%. The White Widow weed strain aroma can be described as skunky with hints of berry and spice and can be detected by enthusiasts from 300 yards away. This strain has a fruity taste and sweet smoke, resulting in heavy coughing in inexperienced users. The White Widow buds have a frosty, crystalline appearance with bright orange pistils. Furthermore, it is one of the best marijuana white strains to grow.

The medicinal properties of the White Widow marijuana strain are many and widely acknowledged. This strain effectively battles various stress, mood, and attention disorders, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and ADD/ADHD. White Widow is also a great pain reliever and relaxer for chronic pain and insomnia. Overall, White Widow is a fantastic choice for an uplifting and relaxing high and is excellent to take in the morning. 

Great White Shark

This hybrid strain is Indica dominant and holds a THC level of 17%-24%. With an Indica to Sativa ratio of 80:20, the Great White Shark marijuana strain packs a quick, euphoric high, followed by a creeping effect like no other. This strain has medium-sized buds covered by yellow-brown pistils. Its leaves are sticky with a layer of white trichomes. The bud fills the air with an intensely spicy and fruity aroma that leaves you with a sweet aftertaste that lingers. 

Great White Shark is a potent strain that slowly brings a cerebral high and feelings of happiness and, along with a strong sense of mental clarity. As time progresses, a cloudy and distracting feeling makes its appearance. The regulating high will then begin to creep in slowly, sending feelings of calmness through your body, as it regulates your mood and brings you to total relaxation, eventually sending you into a deep and restful sleep. 

This strain is prominent in the medical community due to its stress-relieving qualities and chronic pain management. Great White Shark weed strain can also help treat arthritis, muscle spasms, migraines, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Its energetic qualities can help treat chronic fatigue as well. Great White Shark cannabis strain is a staple in the cannabis community. It’s the recipient of several awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup, and topped the 2005 High Life Hemp Fair list. It’s time you treat yourself to this award-winning strain that continues to bring so much magic to this world!


In Conclusion

I remember the best white cannabis strain I’ve ever tried. It was covered in white trichomes, making it look like the most amazing buds I’ve ever seen. Have you tried any white marijuana strains? If you have, let us know what strains they were and how the flowers were.  If you want to buy white weed strains online in Canada, you can visit Just Cannabis for a vast selection of top-grade marijuana. 



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