A Weed Vape Guide: Learn About Cannabis Vaping

A Weed Vape Guide

Vaping Explained

Cannabis vaping is popular because weed vapes are portable and discreet. Unlike smoking a joint or a blunt, vape pens don’t give off that telltale smell of marijuana. Vaping is also healthier than smoking, as long-term exposure to smoke can wreak havoc on your lungs. Vaping also produces a more potent high than smoking. 

If you are a newbie, it is recommended that you start with a small amount of cannabis concentrate. That is because of the potent nature of many THC vapes. 

But how do you vape? What do you need to get started? In our cannabis vape guide, we will tell you everything you need to know to get started. 

Vaping heats the cannabis product to an exact temperature, so it vaporizes without burning. You then inhale the vapour or aerosol. 


A vape pen has the following parts:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Filter
  • Battery 
  • Atomizer
  • Cartridge


Battery  – The vape battery is at the bottom of the vape pen. With refillable pens, you plug them in whenever they need a charge.


Atomizer – Next to the battery is the atomizer. That is what heats up and vaporizes vape juice or cannabis. Atomizers are typically crafted from steel or ceramic to withstand high temperatures.


Cartridge – The vape cartridge is also known as the atomizer. You can buy disposable prefilled cartridges or refillable cartridges. 

Filter – The filter is usually glass or ceramic.  The filter circulates and cools the heated air from the atomizer so that you can safely inhale the vapour.

Mouthpiece – When you inhale, place your mouth securely around the mouthpiece.

Cannabis and Vaping in Canada

Our cannabis vape guide wouldn’t be complete without a brief history of cannabis. Marijuana users had to hide in the shadows for many years. In the early 20th century, the government banned cannabis use as an illegal and dangerous activity. Many believed that marijuana was a “gateway drug.” They thought using weed would lead to harder drugs and lifelong addiction. We now know that marijuana has many benefits and uses. 

Canada legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2018. It’s not just Canada either. More than 36 countries around the world have legalized marijuana. For these countries, this means safer products and massive profits. Marijuana legalization in Canada made online weed dispensaries possible. Dispensaries follow strict safety guidelines and government regulations. Safeguards are in place to prevent underage purchases. Whatever cannabis products you might want, you can most likely buy online. 

Canada is well on its way to becoming the biggest exporter of cannabis. Israel and the Netherlands are not far behind. Canadian weed has gotten a reputation for being superb quality with quick highs and a smooth experience. We believe marijuana legalization is here to stay. It has done great things for our country and will continue to do so. For example, the pot business expanded our GDP by eight billion in one month alone. The cannabis industry continues to grow despite a global pandemic. 

Our government’s legalization of marijuana also ushered in a renewed interest in medical marijuana research. As a result, research firms are exploring uncharted marijuana benefits. As a result, we expect that there will be even more uses for marijuana in the future. 

Weed Vape Guide: The Needed Essentials

So you know you need a vape pen, but what else is necessary? 

  •  A Grinder You’ll need one to get a consistent experience each time you vape.
  •  A Cleaning KitYou’ll need a quality cleaning agent and a cleaning brush to get your vape pen clean. Some people try and cut corners by cleaning with table salt and alcohol. However, salt and alcohol won’t remove build-up and grime, so get a good cleaning kit. 
  •   A Vape PenOpt for a quality titanium one when you are ready to invest in a vape pen. Metal alloy pens are available but have not been safety tested like titanium pens. Most vape pens hold up to 12mg and can run 80 watts. 


Cannabis Vape Guide to Cannabinoids 

There are a lot of acronyms floating around for the various cannabinoids in different cannabis strains and products. For a newcomer to weed vapes, these acronyms can be confusing. Therefore, we will explain what each relevant term stands for and the benefits of the different cannabinoids in our weed vape guide. 


So What Are Cannabinoids?

Cannabis flowers produce cannabinoids. There are more than 140 cannabinoids, and they all have different benefits for users. Cannabinoids attach to receptors in your brain’s endocannabinoid system. The three significant cannabinoids are THC, CBD, and CBN.  



THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the primary cannabinoid that gets you high. THC-containing products induce psychoactive effects. When you use THC, it usually takes effect within 10 to 30 minutes. Depending on the concentration, effects can last around two hours. If you vape THC, you almost immediately feel the effects.

 THC is effective in treating multiple medical issues such as decreased appetite in cancer and AIDS patients. It also reduces nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy. THC also improves neuroplasticity in the brain and is used to treat PTSD. 



CBD or cannabidiol is not a psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning it won’t hinder your ability to function. CBD typically has no side effects and can help with various medical conditions. For example, CBD medication can help epilepsy, diabetics, asthmatics, and those suffering from obesity and Alzheimer’s. You can take it as needed and still drive and go about your daily life.

There are many other beneficial minor cannabinoids that we want to include in our cannabis vape guide. We will list them below.



CBN or cannabinol doesn’t have psychoactive effects. It is usually harvested from mature cannabis plants. Research shows that CBN is an optional treatment for antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains. More research is needed. 



It has much potential, but research is lacking at this time. Over time, CBG or cannabigerol is converted via heat and sunlight to other more popular cannabinoids. So it is only found in young, developing cannabis plants. Industrial hemp can contain up to 94% CBG. 



THC-A or Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid is found in high concentrations in mature cannabis strains. THC-A is excellent for nausea and neurodegenerative diseases. It has less intense psychoactive effects than the closely related cannabinoid THC. It is often used in supplements, topical creams, and extended wear patches. 


Other Minor Cannabinoids:

  • Cannabitriol (CBT)
  • Cannabinodiol (CBDL)
  • Cannabinol (CBN)
  • Cannabichromene (CBC)
  • Cannabicyclol (CBL)
  • Cannabielsoin (CBE)


Weed Vape Guide: How to Choose a Vape Pen

Vape Pens 

Vape pens are thin, long cylinders. Sometimes called pen vaporizers, they are simple to use, easily stash in a pocket or bag, and are cheaper than portable vaporizers. In addition, there are disposable and reusable vape pens.



These are the cheapest and don’t need to be charged between uses. They come pre-filled. However, as they cannot be reused, it’s not a cost-effective buy if you vape a lot. Many newcomers try a few disposable pens when they start, then later buy a reusable pen. 



For those who vape more often, reusable vape pens are the best option. They cost more, but you can refill them with the strain of your choice. You do need to clean them and keep them charged. Over time, batteries will erode and need to be replaced. Weed vaping is best when the weed is heated below 580℉. While reusable vape pens are more upfront, they allow you to customize your temp setting for the best quality experience. 


Vape Cartridges

Prefilled vape cartridges attach to the vape pen and contain high THC, CBD, or terpene concentrations. Terpenes are what give weed its unique aromas. Along with cannabinoids, they give users the benefits of vaping weed.


THC Vape Juice

THC vape juice has a high THC content. As a result, it’s stronger than most other products on the market. Most marijuana strains have 12% to 35% THC, while concentrated THC vape juice has 70% – 90% THC concentration.


Dry Herb Vaporizer

Also known as herbal vaporizers, these are small and lightweight like vape pens. Dry herb vaporizers produce little smoke and require little maintenance.  They effectively extract the flavours from cannabis concentrates. 


CBD Vapes

CBD vapes are vape pens containing cannabidiol. CBD is a cannabinoid, but it will not give you any psychoactive effects. CBD users reap multiple benefits. CBD can reduce inflammation in the body and relieve stress and anxiety. CBD vapes are perfect for anyone who does not wish to get high. 


How To Buy Weed Vapes In Canada

Buying weed vapes online in Canada is as easy as just a few clicks. The legalization of marijuana made discreet home delivery possible. You can now buy edibles, cannabis concentrates, hash, and other products online. Everything you need to vape or enjoy other marijuana products is available online. If you are ready to start vaping, you can buy your vape pen and cleaning kit online. It’s all delivered straight to your door. 

Just Cannabis can take the guesswork out of finding a reputable, licensed dispensary. In addition, we can connect you to the best Toronto weed delivery services and dispensaries and others cities in the rest of the country. So if you’ve been wondering how to buy weed vapes in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. We hope our weed vape guide helped you understand how to buy safe, quality weed vapes and vape pens. 





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