How to Properly Consume Shrooms

If you search for the optimal shroom experience, it is essential to know how to consume shrooms properly. Magic mushrooms can be consumed either dried, cooked into a dish, eaten fresh, or brewed into a tea. 

The effects from dried shrooms will be felt within an hour and last for six hours on average, while the effects from making a tea with fresh mushrooms will take at least two hours before they start working but will also last longer than six hours.  

Many proper methods are used when consuming shrooms and different types of strains that may affect your trip in different ways, so it’s essential to research properly what kind of magic mushroom you’re going to consume before deciding how best to prepare it!

Things to Do Before You Begin

There’s no shortage of tasty ways in which one might enjoy mushrooms—from eating their natural form raw through cooking with classic dishes, the possibilities are endless. 

The first step should always be washing them thoroughly. Remember, there are more than enough recipes for you to try out! If traditional recipes don’t interest you, then infuse some with your favourite desserts – caramels will do just fine, as well as chocolates and other candies too! Just make sure the oven does not exceed 190 degrees, or this will break down the psilocybin.

In addition to eating your shrooms, you can also drink them. You can brew them into teas or other brews. You can make the tea by running hot water over chunks of the psychedelic shroom of your choice. The hot water will grab the psilocybin (active psychedelic compounds), and the mushroom pulp will remain in the filter through extraction. Then just add the tea of your choice to the hot water!

Another method of making shroom tea involves lemon justice. Lemon juice is an excellent extractor and will extract almost all of the psilocybin. Let your shrooms soak in the lemon juice for about 20 minutes, then remove the mushrooms, heat the mixture, and strap in for a great trip. 

How to Properly Consume Shrooms

Shroom Dosage Guide

Mushrooms offer a transcendental experience and can provide insights into one’s perspective. Before you consider dosage, make sure to have an appropriate trip-sitter in place for the duration of your journey so that both parties remain safe during this spiritual exploration. The amount someone takes will depend on their tolerance level; more experienced consumers can take higher doses than beginners. Here are some simple dose calculations: 

  • Light Dosage (.25 – 1 gram)

Use a quarter gram of dried magic mushroom, otherwise known as a threshold dose. This dosage is like the training wheels of magic mushrooms. It should produce effects a newcomer would notice that are not drastically intense. 

  • Medium Dosage (1 – 2.5 grams)

Use this dosage to produce an intermediate effect. This dosage comes with physical side effects like nausea and pupil dilation but also more intense sensory effects. 

  • Strong Dosage (2.5 – 5 grams)

This dosage level is not for the faint of heart and is for experienced shroom users only. Starting a beginner at this dosage can result in a wicked trip with a bad ending. You should expect physical side effects at this level. You will experience nausea, and your pupils will dilate. 

Reference the full chart below:

Experimenting Users

Microdose:      .2 – .5 grams (Dried)/ 2 – 5 (fresh). No visible changes 


Light:            0.5 – 1 grams (dried) Feelings of light euphoria

Regular Trippers

Moderate:    1 – 2 grams (dried)  Body High, Deep conversation, Jovial

Super Trippers

High: 2 -3 grams (dried) Thinking about Environment, perceive things differently 

Hero Trippers

Highest:   3 – 4 (dried)   Trips are so routine, you are constantly with the stars. 


How to Properly Consume Shrooms

How Safe Are Shrooms?

Shrooms are known for being one of the safest recreational drugs. They present very few adverse effects in first-time users or regular psychedelic users. It only becomes dangerous because of user errors like taking too many shrooms, consuming the wrong variety or being in a hostile environment (mentally or physically). Mild shroom side effects, such as nausea, chills and sweating, usually disappear within 30 minutes.

However, first-time users may feel extreme bouts of paranoid depression or feel ill for several days after eating psilocybin. In addition, increased heart rate, headaches, vomiting and some mild kidney toxicity have been reported by users. But, again, remember that psilocybin effects themselves do little to alter your body physically. Instead, it’s other compounds that are usually responsible for adverse magic mushroom side effects.

There are many reports of people having stomach-related issues during trips. Always be aware of the local conditions that could have contributed to these issues: hot weather, dehydration, eating a lot of salt or spicy foods, diarrhea or alcohol, or being on your period.

People get hurt from taking shrooms when they misuse them. Remember that the effects of magic mushrooms last for four to six hours. So, during that time, you should not get behind the wheel of a car. In addition, there are some other possible dangers, like reducing your sensitivity to other drugs. Still, the most persistent cause of harm when taking shrooms is putting yourself in a dangerous situation while impaired.  

How Do Magic Mushrooms Work?

The active ingredients that provide hallucinogenic highs are the chemical compounds psilocybin and psilocin. Usually, the effects are felt 15-45 minutes after taking magic mushrooms. However, depending on your tolerance level and the concentration of the two chemical compounds could alter those effect times.

The effect peaks about an hour after consumption and will last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. After that, the chemical compounds will only be detectable in your system for three days. There is no way to get these chemical compounds out of your system quicker, but it may happen naturally based on some variables. Your body chemistry and metabolic rate play a role in the processing time, but potency and method of consumption are also factors. For example, your method of consumption will affect how fast it is absorbed into your body, and thus it starts to be processed out sooner.

Why It’s Important to Buy Shrooms From A Trusted Source

The last thing you want is contaminated or just weak and ineffective magic mushroom products. Instead, you want to find fresh, tasty, and potent shrooms for the best experience possible. This is why it is crucial to buy shrooms online in Canada from a trusted dispensary such as Just Cannabis. Then, enjoy your choice at some of the top shroom products from the best magic mushroom farmers in Canada.

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