Best Sativa Weed Strains

Best Sativa Weed Strains

Sativa strains are known for their uplifting and energetic effects that are thought to be more suitable for daytime use than Indica strains. This is ture for the most part, but the is not always the case. Three are many Sativa strains that have Indica qualities and vice versa. Also, the more and more crossbreeding, the lines between Indica and Sativa strains are becoming blurred. Let’s take a look at some of the best Sativa weed strains you can find:

Strawberry Cough 

The Sativa-dominant Strawberry Cough cannabis strain gets its name from being known to trigger a cough with its characteristic strawberry flavour. It has an 80% Sativa to 20% Indica breakdown and originates by crossing the Strawberry Field and Haze strains. The Strawberry Cough weed strain can reach between 16%-26% in THC levels and has densely covered buds with reddish-orange pistils. Users can expect a spicy and peppery strawberry fragrance and a delightful, strawberry-flavoured smoke that’s known to send even the most experienced users into a coughing fit. 

The Strawberry Cough marijuana strain is perfect for enhancing the mood and treating depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. The strain is also helpful in reducing the symptoms of attention deficit disorders and has high analgesic qualities, making it ideal for treating chronic pain. Notably, Strawberry Cough became the first Sativa strain to win the first prize at the 2013 Cannabis Cup for the “Best Flower” category. 


Best Sativa Weed Strains

Love Potion Strain

The Love Potion cannabis strainis an Indica-leaning hybrid with a 60:40 Indica to Sativa ratio. It originated from crossing the Love Potion #5 and Northern Light parent strains, resulting in a potent mix that reaches THC levels of 26%. Not only is the Love Potion weed strain potent, but it’s also ridiculously delicious in flavour, which somehow progressively grows in sweetness throughout use. The Love Potion strain buds are light green and covered in twisty orange pistils and highly sticky trichomes. These buds burn with a tangy, citrusy smoke with an aroma that features lemony, skunky, and sweet scents. 

The Love Potion marijuana strain can help treat several medical conditions, including both mental and physical. Due to its ability to elevate the users’ mood, this is an excellent strain for treating stress disorders, anxiety, and depression. It can also be used as a potent analgesic to keep patients comfortable and pain-free. 



Best Sativa Weed Strains
Tangerine Dream

The popular, Sativa-dominant Tangerine Dream cannabis strain derives from a cross between the G13, Afghani, and Neville A5 Haze strains. The result is an award-winning variety capable of reaching 25% in THC levels. Furthermore, its users can expect an instant cerebral high with mood-enhancing, euphoric effects. The flavours and aroma of the Tangerine Dream weed strain are pleasantly earthy, with sharp orange undertones. Its chunky, dense buds are covered entirely with trichomes and orange pistils, giving them a frosted, dewy appearance. 

The Tangerine Dream marijuana strain can have numerous medicinal applications. Its relaxing and sedative properties make it an effective remedy for chronic pain, back pain, IBS, arthritis, and other inflammatory disorders. It is also an excellent choice for patients undergoing cancer treatment, as it can help alleviate nausea and promote increased appetite. Additionally, Tangerine Dream can help aid in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and personality disorders. In 2010, this strain was awarded the best overall prize in the Cannabis Cup. 


Zeus OG

Zeus OG

One of other best sativa weed strains is Zeus OG. It is created by crossing the Pineapple OG and Deadhead OG weed strains. This hybrid strain is wholly made up of Indica components and has an average THC level between 20% and 25%. The Zeus OG weed strain has a great taste profile, combining hints of mango and tropical pineapple. This strain’s appearance likens itself to miniature pinecones with bright green leaves. Brown pistils and crystalline trichomes cover the medium-sized flowers. Thanks to its higher THC content, this strain works quickly to deliver desirable results. When consumed, users will experience a mind high first, followed by a calming, full-body buzz. The Zeus OG cannabis strain leaves users feeling relaxed and upbeat, with increased creative energy. For medical users, this strain works well in those that suffer from mood disorders and pain, including muscle spasms, insomnia, anxiety, chronic stress, depression, and chronic pain. 


Kings Kush Strain

King Kush

Created by crossing the Grape and OG Kush strains, the King Kush cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant strain, with an Indica to Sativa ratio of 90:10. With THC levels between 19% and 27%, this strain leaves users sedated with a cerebral high. While it has strong notes of grape, this strain’s smell is also spicy. That translates into King Kush’s taste, which is a tangy sweetness. The King Kush weed strain’s nuggets are mint-green and covered in orange fuzz and sparkling trichomes. 

The King Kush marijuana strain helps relieve depression, chronic pain, nausea, and extreme stress because of its cerebral effects. In addition, users that suffer from insomnia and headaches can also benefit from using the King Kush weed strain. 

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