Different Types Of Weed Edibles


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Technically you can add THC to any food item and turn it into a weed edible. However, some food items work better than others. There are also two main types of different weed edibles: edibles similar to traditional food and drinks and edibles taken more like medication. You can see these different types of weed edibles to decide which variety is best for you.

The Different Types Of Weed Edibles

There are countless different food items that you can mix with THC to make a weed edible. However, some food items simply work better with THC than others. So let’s take a look at some of the most common types of cannabis edibles in Canada.

Baked Edibles

One of the most popular types of marijuana edibles, baked edibles, are made by adding THC to your favourite baked goods. Many people start their journey into edibles with baked goods, and these items remain a popular go-to among experienced users as well. Weed brownies and cookies are the most common type of edibles. The THC is just another ingredient so that you can enjoy these like any other dessert.

Pot Brownies

Always a classic choice; everyone is familiar with pot brownies. These delicious edibles have been featured in movies, TV shows, and other cultural moments because of their quality, taste and high potency. Pot brownies are one of the top types of weed edibles for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Weed Cookies

Marijuana cookies are a tasty addition to your special dessert menu. After pot brownies, weed cookies are the second most popular type of edibles at dispensaries throughout Canada. Weed cookies are also easy to make at home. Consider making a big batch to share with friends or save for later.



Weed Gummies

Cannabis gummies are different weed edibles that have exploded in popularity since legalization. So what’s been then pot and candy? Tasty gummy edibles are available in a variety of delicious flavours to suit your sweet tooth. One advantage to buying dispensary gummies is that these treats are sold in pre-measured dosages. That way, there’s no worry about getting your dosage wrong.

However, cannabis gummies are also easy to make at home. Simply pick up some THC distillate, find a great gummy recipe, and get creative.



Cannabis Chocolate

Love candy but prefer the more traditional candy flavours? Marijuana chocolate might just be the weed edible for you. Rich and creamy pot chocolates are the ultimate indulgences for anyone who loves weed.

Chocolate is tricky to work with, so this is one of the types of weed edibles we recommend you buy from a dispensary. However, if you’re an experienced baker and want to try your own, there are plenty of online recipes and guides to get you started.

THC Syrup

Wake and bake have a new meaning thanks to THC breakfast syrups and jams. These THC-infused sweeteners are a delicious addition to your favourite pancakes, toast, French toast, muffins, and other breakfast treats! It’s easy to add THC to any jam or syrup. Just remember to be careful with your dosing to avoid any unpleasant side effects.



Weed Tea

Cannabis Tea is a soothing, relaxing ritual for many people. Take tea time to the next level by infusing THC into your favourite cup of tea. There’s not much better than a cup of hot tea, except for a cup of tea laced with THC. You can infuse THC with all your favourite tea blends and bags. The Internet also offers many recipes to try a new brew. 

Cannabis Capsules

Marijuana capsules are pre-portioned doses of cannabis that you take, similar to any other pill. Capsules are a tasteless, reliable way of consuming marijuana. Thanks to pre-portioned sizes, it’s easy to watch your dosage. Medical users often use capsules, but some recreational users prefer this method as well. Capsules are one of the types of marijuana edibles perfect for recreational users with diabetes who don’t want to smoke.


THC tinctures are cannabis concentrates that are converted to a liquid form for users to consume orally. Cannabis oil and cannabis tinctures are used interchangeably, but these are two different types of edibles. Tinctures are made by soaking marijuana in either oil or water to collect the cannabinoids. Many medical users consume tinctures, but the mainstream weed community is growing open to this method in recent years.

These are all the most popular types of marijuana edibles. There are many different varieties, including some with simple and delicious recipes you can try at home. Weed brownies, cookies, and tea have proven themselves to be the most popular as well as some of the easiest to make. Other types of weed edibles like gummies, chocolates, syrup, and caramels are also in high demand. Since these varieties are harder to make at home, they’re ideal to source from a reputable dispensary. Finally, capsules, drinks, and tinctures are also available and are commonly consumed by medical users.

In Conclusion on the Different Types of Weed Edibles

You can turn any food item into a weed edible by adding decarboxylated THC. However, it takes a certain mastery to craft premium-grade edibles that are potent and tasty.  Browse through the Just Cannabis edibles shop and find some of Canada’s freshest and hottest weed edible brands. Find some of the best deals and save big on your next cannabis edible purchase.

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