History of Cannabis Legalization in Canada


The history of marijuana in Canada begins in East and South Asia, where cannabis is said to have originated. Over time, cannabis then made its way to the Middle East and Africa. Finally, French explorer, Jacques Cartier, spotted hemp growing in the Canadian wild sometime between 1535 and 1541. 

And due to the countless therapeutic and medicinal properties, cannabis has finally established itself in the legal realm of Canadian culture. Of course, the journey did not come without its bumps, but strong support and committed advocates have succeeded in bringing marijuana to the public’s eye.

Here’s a timeline for the history of cannabis legalization in Canada:

History of Cannabis Legalization in Canada


The Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada passed out hemp seeds for Canadians to cultivate to stimulate economic growth.


History of Cannabis Legalization in Canada


In a crack-down attempt, marijuana was made illegal with the Narcotics Drug Act Amendment.


History of Cannabis Legalization in Canada


Government research probed the non-medicinal use of cannabis.



The first bill allowing marijuana to be grown for medical uses was enacted, the Marijuana for Medical Access Regulations (MMAR). 



The Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) was passed to control the commercial distribution of marijuana for medical purposes.



The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations or the ACMPR effectively replaced the former MMPR. 



Through the passage of the Cannabis Act, marijuana is now legal for both medical AND RECREATIONAL purposes.

Although cannabis is now legal in Canada for recreational and medical use, it remains closely regulated by the government for quality control. What’s more, there are also postal regulations for mailing cannabis products. The rules and regulations differ among the provinces and territories as each is allowed to set its own. As long as you follow the local laws and regulations and take cannabis responsibly, you should be fine!


In Conclusion On The History of Cannabis

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