What To Do With Weed Stems

Weed stems are a fact of life for any devoted cannabis fan. It’s normal to have some leftover stems and seeds rattling around the bottom of your stash. Eventually, you might start wondering what to do with weed stems. Luckily, there are many things to do with your leftover stems! You can use your stems for your own benefit or return them to the ecosystem. 

Learn what to do with weed stems, including how to make weed stem tea, compost your stems, search for valuable seeds, and more.

Brew Weed Stem Tea

One classic purpose for your leftover stems is to save them for THC edibles like weed stem tea. Weed tea is a traditional way of repurposing stems and seeds. Stems don’t have the same levels of THC and other active ingredients that you’ll find in cannabis buds and leaves. However, there’s still plenty of goodness to be found in stems. All parts of the marijuana plant contain varying levels of cannabinoids. They also have other benefits like essential acids, antioxidants, and other natural perks. Brewing weed stem tea is a great way to capture these benefits instead of throwing them out.

Here’s what to do with weed stems to make tea. First, gather enough leftover stems to make it worth your while. You’ll need about a teaspoon of stems to make a decent tea. Next, simply add your stems to a cup of boiling water. You can use an empty tea bag, metal tea infuser, or a French press to keep the stems contained. 

Don’t have any of these tools? You can always pour your tea through a strainer or a coffee filter to remove the loose particles before enjoying it. Let your weed stem tea steep for about 15 minutes, then enjoy. 

The taste of weed stem tea can leave something to be desired. Feel free to add sweeteners or milk to your brew. You can also mix your weed tea with a standard tea bag to create unique flavours.

Compost Your Leftover Stems

Like any plant material, cannabis stems will decompose and release their nutrients back into the world. Leftover stems are perfect for composting! If you already have a compost pile, just add your stems to the mix. If you don’t compost yourself, look for community gardens that accept donations. You can also sprinkle leftover stems into your potted plants for quick and easy fertilization.

Look For Seeds

If you have stems, you might also have seeds. Stems and seeds are commonly found together. Keep an eye out for seeds in your dried buds and flowers. You can always sprout your seeds and grow your own cannabis plant. When you find a seed, wrap it in a damp paper towel and place it in a sunny window for about a week. If it starts to sprout, move it to a pot and see what grows.

Learning What To Do With Weed Stems

Some people don’t enjoy stems and seeds in their weed, but we like to think of them as gifts that keep on giving. Use your leftover stems and seeds for weed stem tea, compost, and new growing opportunities. If you’d rather avoid stems entirely, check out the selection of luxury AAAA weed at Just Cannabis. With these top-shelf options, you’ll get the finest buds without any unwanted plant material. Get top-notch service in all cities across Canada, such as canna delivery in Vancouver, or shop at online weed dispensaries to find the best edibles in Canada.


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