How To Roll A Joint

Rolling a joint is an important skill we believe every cannabis lover should learn. Even if smoking flower isn’t your favourite way of getting high, rolling joints is still versatile knowledge that will serve you well! It’s easy to get the party going when you can roll joints on demand. Plus, knowing how to make marijuana joints gives you a great sense of empowerment. Learn how to smoke weed from joints you rolled yourself with our easy joint-rolling steps.

Materials For Rolling Joints

We’re starting with the simplest method of how to roll a joint. Once you have this down, you can showcase your personality and skills by trying other varieties. One fun aspect of rolling joints is exploring many different rolling methods! Even better, most rolling styles only require a small number of materials.

Gather the following tools and ingredients before rolling marijuana joints.

  • Rolling papers
  • A grinder if your weed isn’t already ground
  • Filter 
  • Rolling tray or other flat, smooth surface

You only need rolling papers and buds if you’re in a pinch. Everything else will make the experience easier and more enjoyable, but they aren’t vital. 

Need to stock up on your papers and filters? We love Just Cannabis’s extensive selection of papers, filters, grinders, rolling trays, and other helpful weed accessories.

Learn How To Roll A Joint

  1. Collect your materials and spread them out on your flat surface. Rolling trays are specially designed with smooth surfaces and other thoughtful details that make learning how to smoke weed easier. However, you can also use a magazine, clipboard, cereal box, or tabletop if you don’t have a tray.


  1. Layout a rolling paper. If your paper came folded in half, you could use the crease as a guideline.
  2. Grind your flower if necessary. You can also use the palms of your hands, a kitchen knife, or scissors to break up the buds. Again, try to create evenly sized pieces for the best results.
  3. Spread your ground weed evenly over the rolling paper. Leave some empty room on each end.


  1. Carefully pick up the far side of the paper and roll it towards you. Go slowly so you can adjust the weed if needed. Keep rolling until your joint is formed!


  1. If you’re happy with your work, lick the edge of the rolling paper and press it closed to seal it. Then twist each end of the joint to keep your cannabis in place.

Rolling a joint can seem tricky the first time you try it. Don’t stress if your first efforts don’t go to plan. Simply unroll your joint, get out a new paper, and try it again.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Learning how to roll a joint is a skill worth it. You can order everything you need to roll your own joints in Canada at JustCannabis. They carry a wide variety of accessories, plus endless flower options. What if you give it a shot but just don’t like rolling joints? No worries, you can also buy pre-rolled joints online at! You can buy weed online, get same-day Weed Delivery, or visit your local cannabis stores.


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