What Is Dabbing Marijuana Concentrates?

What Is Dabbing Marijuana Concentrates

Dabbing weed is a modern interpretation of a long and storied cannabis tradition. Marijuana concentrates have been enjoyed since around 900 AD when people in central and southeast Asia invented hashish for medicinal purposes. So what is dabbing weed like in the current era? Lets explore everything you need to know about dabbing, including the history of what is dabbing marijuana concentrates, whether you need a dab rig and other essential questions.

The History Of Weed Concentrates

As we already learned, cannabis concentrates have been used for hundreds of years. Hashish was initially developed in Asia for medicinal users. However, it created a rocky reputation. Hash batches had varying potency levels, making them unreliable at times. Other medical innovations such as aspirin soon became more famous for pain relief in Europe and worldwide.

After hash lost its edge in the pain relief market, people were still aware of concentrates. A few cultures remembered the social and medical reasons to use hash, but other groups used cannabis for unsavoury purposes. The United States and the CIA even used concentrates as part of a cocktail used during wartime enemy interrogations. 

Luckily, concentrates are used for more positive purposes again. Concentrate lovers even celebrate July 10 as a weed concentrate day. This date might seem random, but theres a reason it was chosen. The numerical date of 7/10 represents the number 710, which looks like the word oilif you read it upside down. So if you want to know what dabbing cannabis is like, keep an eye out for July 10 celebrations near you.


Using Cannabis Concentrates

Now that marijuana is legalized in Canada and a range of other locations, more cannabis users are experimenting with concentrates. Dabbing is one of the most popular ways of enjoying these products. But, precisely what is a weed dab? Forget about the dance move you saw online a few years ago. When youre talking about what dabbing weed is, youre referring to placing a dabof concentrate on a rig, then vaporizing and inhaling it.

Dabbing has evolved from the questionable practice of hot knifing. This move, popularized in the 1970s, involved heating weed concentrates and inhaling it off of a hot knife. If you want to know what cannabis dabbing is like today, youll find it consists of a range of unique, artisan setups. 

Dabbing requires a dab rig with a nail, a torch lighter, and small but vital metal tools for your concentrate. These are the essentials. To make your experience more manageable, you can also invest in silicone or non-stick mats and trays.



What Is A Dab Rig?

What is dabbing daily marijuana like? Most people use a dab rig for enjoying concentrates. Dab rigs are very similar to bongs and water pipes. Just like with a bong, youll place water into the bottom of your dab rig. This cools the vapour as it flows through the rig, allowing you to inhale safely.

Instead of a bowl for cannabis flowers like youd find on a bong, a dab rig has a small container called a nail. Nails are usually titanium, quartz, glass, or ceramic, although some rigs also use other materials. These materials all deliver similar results so that you can choose a rig with any nail.

When youre ready to discover what dabbing weed is like, youll start by heating the nail with a butane torch. Your rig needs to reach blazing, red-hot temperatures before you can enjoy your weed. After you heat the nail, allow it to cool for around thirty seconds or a minute, then place your concentrate on the nail. The high heat decarboxylates your concentrate, activating the cannabinoids, and also vaporizing the weed. Once the vapour is produced, youre ready for the last and best step: inhaling the vapour!

Everything You Need To Get The Job Done

As youre learning what a weed dab is, youll find that the equipment makes all the difference. A dab nail is small and compact with a tight opening. However, you can upgrade your experience with a set of small, heat-proof stainless steel tools. These tools will help you place concentrates into the nail as safely and efficiently as possible. 

Dab tools are also a great way to protect your privacy. Tools offer discretion and let you use your rig in a range of situations. Whether youre a beginner or have plenty of experience, tools make dabbing weed a lot easier. 

Once you know what dabbing weed is like, you can think about other accessories to streamline your experience. For example, cannabis concentrates tend to be sticky. Its easy to stain clothing, furniture, and other surfaces that a concentrate touches. You can invest in a silicone mat or non-stick tray to make dabbing easier. Here are some common and effective options to keep your living space clean.

Wax Paper

Wax paper is easy to access, affordable and sold in many stores. So if you do a lot of baking, you might already have a roll in your kitchen. Another perk to using wax paper is that its disposable, so theres no need to clean it when youre done.

Silicone Cooking Tools

Food-grade silicone mats are perfect for your dab rig. Silicone offers a range of benefits, including high heat tolerance, flexibility, durability, and more. Consider silicone mats, containers, or specialized rolling trays. Any silicone surface should do the trick, whether you shop at the dispensary or a standard cooking supply store.

Rolling Trays

You can also explore hybrid rolling trays. These trays are designed for multiple cannabis applications. You can use them to roll traditional joints, spliffs, and blunts, but also for enjoying concentrates. So if you need a multi-use weed solution, a hybrid rolling tray will help you out.

Exploring Dabbing Cannabis

Now that weve answered the question of what dabbing marijuana concentrates is, you should be prepared to explore a whole new world of cannabis. A dab rig is a great way to enjoy concentrates. So if youre ready for a potent experience, put your knowledge to the test!

So load up on premium cannabis concentrates and get going. If you need some, you can save big buy shopping with Just Cannabis. Take advantage of one of our many great offers and promotions. 

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