What are Weed Gummies?

What are Weed Gummies?

If you’ve ever seen these colourful gummies eaten by a marijuana enthusiast, you may wonder, what are weed gummies? Weed gummies are soft, chewable candies that contain THC. This form of marijuana edibles is one way to consume cannabis and get high. According to Healthline, consuming edibles that involve chewing takes longer to kick in than compared to smoking marijuana. Since gummies have to pass through the digestive tract, you can expect them to take longer to enter the bloodstream and then move through your liver. 

Before you try weed gummies, keep reading our guide made by Just Cannabis to learn everything you need to know.


Benefits of Trying Cannabis Edibles like Weed Gummies

Trying cannabis edibles such as weed gummies offers users a fun way to achieve the desired effects without smoke inhalation. Plus, consumption is easy and requires no devices (such as vaporizers or portable pens). Weed gummies are also small and discrete, giving you the option to take them anywhere you please. They often come in containers or pouches, just like normal gummies. 

Another advantage is the ability to carefully control how much you consume via the dosing on the labels. Unlike other methods of cannabis consumption, users have more control over how many milligrams they want to consume. Keep reading for a guide to help you navigate trying weed edibles for the first time.


Pick your Type of Weed Gummy

Marijuana gummies come in two different types; CBD gummies and THC gummies depending upon which component is present in the higher amount. Both varieties produce varying effects on the consumer.

Gummies with a higher THC content provide a powerful high, are mostly used for recreational purposes, and are suitable for people seeking euphoria, relaxation and pleasure.

CBD gummies are suitable for people seeking cannabis and its products for medicinal use. CBD edibles neither produce euphoria nor get the person high. The higher amount of CBD enhances the therapeutic value of the gummies. CBD edibles are therefore mainly used to alleviate stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Besides the two types, gummies can also be differentiated based on their production methods. For example, various weed gummies use substances like pectin, gelatin, distillates, and live resin. Some gummies contain special additives such as melatonin or natural plant terpenes. With time, you can expect that the cannabis-infused edibles market will get even more diverse regarding the ingredients and production methods.

Understanding the Dosing of Weed Gummies

Take it slow when trying marijuana-infused gummies or edibles for the first time! We cannot stress this important first step enough. Unlike other methods of marijuana consumption, weed gummies are entirely different.  Starting with the lowest dose possible is recommended. Remember, edibles may take 30 to 90 minutes to reach their peak. Do not make the mistake of taking more when you don’t feel anything. Taking too much may cause unpleasant side effects such as confusion, memory loss, or anxiety. 

The strength of weed gummies is measured in milligrams. To control how much you are consuming, it is best to shop for gummies with clearly labelled doses. When you shop at a credible store, everything should be labelled. Ideally, beginner users should aim to try to start around 2 milligrams of THC. Each person, depending on a variety of factors, will respond differently. Over time, you may be able to build up your tolerance and up the dose.

Using homemade edibles or weed gummies from a non-credible source may mean you don’t know how much you’re consuming. This could lead to taking too much, and thus, negative side effects.


What to Expect When You Consume Cannabis Gummies

Gummies are fun to consume, as they come in many fun flavours and shapes. When taking weed gummies, you can expect it to take a while to kick in. You may not feel anything at first. Edibles peak around 3 hours after consumption. At this point, you are likely to experience the most intense feelings.

You might be wondering what weed gummies taste like. Depending on the type you select, you made be able to taste a slight bit of the cannabis oil. Some higher sugar gummies may mask the taste better.


Shopping for Marijuana Edibles

Shopping for Marijuana Edibles

When shopping for weed gummies, there are quite a few things to consider. You’ll have options for types of gummies and flavours, as well as different doses. Most THC gummies come in 5 mg or 10mg THC. You can split these in half or quarters to control the dose you consume. In addition, certain weed gummies may have different textures. You may wish to find gummies that have a firmer or softer texture, depending on your preferences.

Not all weed gummies contain THC. CBD-only gummies are also available. Some gummies contain a mix of both THC and CBD. THC gummies are ideal for those looking for a standard weed high. CBD gummies may be better for those seeking anti-inflammatory relief or anxiety relief, without the euphoric feelings that THC weed gummies produce.


Giving Weed Gummies a Try

Give weed gummies a try with these beginner tips in mind. Just remember to start with small doses because the high from gummies can be very different from smoking or vaping marijuana. At JustCannabis.cc, we only want to provide our customers with convenient and flexible ways of consuming cannabis and that’s why we carry the biggest selection of weed gummies online in Canada. It’s very easy to buy weed gummies online in BC so rest assured. Try a local weed gummy delivery in Vancouver so that you can get munching on weed gummies today! If weed gummies aren’t for you, then you can still shop for all your other marijuana needs and get mail order marijuana all across Canada. Let us know what your favourite weed gummies are in the comments down below!



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