What Are The Side Effects Of Weed?

What Are The Side Effects Of Weed

Grass, pot, weed, marijuana, cannabis; there are as many different ways to consume this beautiful plant as there are names to call it. Smoke it, vape it, eat it in an edible, or try many other methods. But, regardless of how you enjoy the herb, you might be wondering: What are the side effects of weed? What happens if you smoke weed every day? What is the effect of the combined use of alcohol and cannabis? 

These are perfectly normal questions that its reasonable to ask, especially if youre new to the smoky lifestyle. So let’s learn more together.

So What Are The Side Effects Of Marijuana?

What does weed do to your lungs if you smoke regularly? What are the long-term effects of smoking weed for years at a time? If you put marijuana into your body for an extended period, of course, there will be consequences. The same thing is true with apples, alcohol, sugar, water, and every other consumable you try. 

Many people use marijuana recreationally, but doctors are increasingly using marijuana in clinical settings. But are there side effects of weed? Marijuana contains many different compounds, so the side effects depend on your usage patterns. How often you use the herb, the type of product you use, your consumption method, and many other factors impact the side effects. Some people smoke every day without problems, while others can have trouble or develop addictive behaviours. 

One things for sure: if you overindulge, youll find out what happens when you smoke too much weed. Marijuana has many incredible benefits, but smoking too much can make you feel jittery, anxious, paranoid, or nauseated. Considering these are some of the troubles many people want to reduce with cannabis, its important to stick within your limits.

What are the side effects of using marijuana, other than getting high? The psychoactive properties of THC are the reason you feel intoxicated or high when using cannabis, but theyre not the only effect. The CBD in cannabis can help you relax, reduce inflammation, and generally feel better.

If youre curious about what weed does to your lungs when you smoke, you should know that smoking is one of the fastest ways to get high. This is because THC moves directly from your lungs to your bloodstream, helping you feel the impacts much faster than other methods. Youll usually feel high in 30 minutes when you smoke, but using weed edibles or other consumable methods can take much longer.


Temporary Side Effects That Weed Consumers Face After A Smoky Session

1. Short Term Memory Problems

Whether youre high, stoned, or coming down, its normal to lose track of things while youre feeling the effects of the plant. You might forget where you are, what you were saying, or what you were doing. When you ask what the side effects of weed are, this short-term confusion is one of the main impacts to expect. You should be back to normal once the herb wears off.

2. Temporary Behavioural Changes

What are the side effects of marijuana? Another temporary effect is behaviour changes. For example, you might have visual or auditory hallucinations. Some people even report smelling things that arent there. 

What happens when you smoke too much weed and have a terrible time? Its also common to feel anxious, panicky, or paranoid. Try to stay calm and ask your friends for help. This is temporary, and youll feel better eventually.

3. Your Heart Rate Increases But Reaction Time Slows

This strange situation is another short-term effect of smoking weed. If this happens to you, drink a glass of water and take deep breaths. It should all pass in about an hour.


Other than that, what are the side effects of weed? You might also experience dry mouth, red highs, and elevated appetite.


What Are The Long Term Effects Of Smoking Weed?

We hate to say it, but long-term studies show that regularly smoking weed in large amounts can lead to unpleasant side effects. What happens if you smoke weed every day and never take it easy? Studies have found these effects:

  • Lowered IQ
  • Poor school and work performance
  • Addictive behaviours
  • Loss of motivation and internal drive
  • Inability to perform complex tasks you used to be able to accomplish
  • Declining life satisfaction


Weed can be a beautiful thing, but remember, moderation is key.

What Does Weed Do To Your Lungs?

Smoking is never great for your lungs. If you regularly smoke for years on end, your lungs can be injured or develop cancer. In addition, you can struggle to breathe, and your entire airway can feel irritated.

What Is The Effect Of The Combined Use Of Alcohol And Cannabis

It might seem fun to combine pot and booze, but this combo can harm your brain. Regularly crossfading, or using both weed and alcohol together, lowers your ability to think and drive safely. Alcohol can also increase your bodys absorption of THC, making a more substantial and less pleasant high than you may have planned. If you absolutely must use both pot and alcohol, get high first for a better experience.

The Final Verdict? Nothing Wrong With Smoking Weed When Its Legal

What are the side effects of weed? As you can see, there are a few negative possibilities, but also many unique features of this natural plant. We hope youll explore the world of cannabis for yourself. Just make sure its legal in your area, that youre not creating any potential prescription side effects, and that you always party with friends for safety purposes. 

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