Rolling Papers: The Ultimate Guide

Rolling Papers The Ultimate Guide

It is fair to say that smoking your cannabis in the rolling paper is one of the most popular ways to consume this substance. There are hundreds of different brands, types, flavors, and styles of rolling papers you can use. This guide will give you a solid foundation on what you can select from and how easy it will be to use your chosen rolling paper with your cannabis. 

General Types of Papers

Hemp Rolling Papers

Choosing to roll your marijuana in hemp papers can help you enjoy the flavor of your strain more. In the last couple of decades, hemp papers have become more popular. These papers are relatively easy to roll and tend to have a fine texture. They tend to have a mild taste, stay lit well, and burn at a medium rate. They may be pricier than papers made from wood, but they are more sustainable. Hemp papers also tend to stay lit longer than rice papers. These papers aren’t easily found everywhere, so you may have to order yours online. 

Rice Rolling Papers

Rice rolling papers help you enjoy your cannabis and have a minimal impact on the environment. They are tasteless, burn slow, and are tough. They can take some getting used to roll, but once you learn how, they are worth it. They are fairly difficult to roll because of how thin the paper is. These papers sometimes have flax or sugar in them, and people often prefer them because they have very little taste and are thin. The fact that they burn slowly means that they go out often. This makes it ideal if you often leave your joint to sit. 

Wood Rolling Papers

Wood rolling papers will stay lit longer and burn relatively fast. They are the most well-known papers and have been around for a long time. They are the least sustainable and do have a taste. They are thicker than hemp or rice, which makes them easier to roll. If you’re starting to roll your joints, this is the paper for you. 

Flavored Rolling Papers

Flavored Rolling Papers

Rizla started adding the first flavors in 1906. It began with menthols and strawberry flavored papers. Over the next century, many new flavors were added. These days you can find flavors from rum to fruit, cookie dough, and ice cream. 

Many people argue the flavor takes away from the natural taste of the herb, and those who think the least processed paper is the best option to choose. On the other hand, many people love to have different flavors as an option. It comes down to be a personal choice of the smoker. 

Gold Rolling Papers

Many bakers have used edible metals such as gold in dining for years without any problem. Likewise, papers are being made in a similar process. These are generally slow-burning. Those who are overly concerned need only to remember you tend to smoke what is inside the paper, not the paper itself, especially in the slow-burning varieties. 

Pre-rolled Cones

Many smoke shops offer pre-rolled cones. These are generally made of hemp paper, which is natural, and ready to fill. You won’t need to roll your own or need excess paper or gum. They come with a paper filter, or crutch, and are easy to use straight from the box. Just grind your herb and tap it into the cone with a small tool. Some cones even come with the device. When full, twist the top and smoke. 

Wraps for Blunts

Many people use cheap cigars with a sweet flavor for their cannabis. They will empty the cigar of the tobacco and refill it with their herb. These days there are many options to choose from in the form of blunt wraps. These are rolling papers but mimic the feel and experience of a blunt. They can be made of a variety of materials, flavors, and sizes. Some are flavored like fruit, some like tobacco, and others like hemp. There are many made from hemp with added CBD. They can even be thick and leathery to imitate the feel of tobacco leaves. 

Full Pre-rolls

If you want to take the rolling out of the process and enjoy your cannabis right away, you can also opt for a pre-roll. Just light it and enjoy it. 

Popular Brands on the Market

Popular Brands on the Market

Elements is a brand offering rice paper that is natural and slow-burning. The company prides itself on not using any chemicals in production. Additionally, since this product is rice paper, you get minimal ash. The paper is even designed to make rolling more straightforward, with a fold by the side instead of the typical middle fold. 


The OCB X-pert rolling papers are particularly popular and come from Europe. They feature Arabic gumming, are 100 percent-natural, and are ultra-thin. They were specifically created to burn slow. While they are popular, they are not ideal for those new to rolling, since their ultra-thinness can make them harder to roll. 

Pure Hemp 

Pure Hemp offers 100-percent natural rolling papers without any chemicals, and as the name implies, they are made only from pure hemp. The king-size papers are particularly popular with their slow burn. These rolling papers even come with 100-percent natural gum to seal the papers. 

Raw Rolling Papers

Raw rolling papers are an excellent way to go if you want to avoid wood pulp because of the taste or other reasons. They are one of the most popular brands of the last thirty years. They are made of organic hemp and come in a KSS or King Size Slim.


Zig-Zag 1 1/4 is by far one of the most popular papers to roll around the world. They are more favored by cigarette smokers because of the shorter length. They have a more extended, king version, but it hasn’t become as popular. 

Regardless of how you like to enjoy your marijuana, there is a paper for you to roll it around. Decide what properties are most important to you and then go with those papers. 

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