Pets And CBD – Can Your Furry Friend Benefit from CBD?

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Our pets are not just animals we keep to protect our homes or keep us company. They quickly become a part of our family that we grow to love. They, in turn,  also come to love us unconditionally and depend on us for their everyday needs. As members of our family, our pets deserve the best care, one of which is providing for their medical needs.

A new trend right now in the pet wellness industry is CBD oil for pets. Many pet owners claim that CBD for pets not only controls their pain but also improves several symptoms related to animal illnesses.

As a pet owner who wants the best for your furry family member, you’d naturally be curious about using CBD oil for dogs. But is CBD oil for dogs really worth it? Can it help control their symptoms? More importantly, is it safe and effective?

Before getting too into it, you should know though that there’s no FDA and Health Canada-approved CBD oil for pets yet. There is also a lack of research on the effects of CBD on animal diseases, however, what limited studies we do have, show a lot of positive effects of CBD on pet ailments.

Top Reasons Why Your Pet Might Benefit from Cannabis Oil

It is Nonpsychoactive

THC has been shown to produce toxicity in animals. Scientists found that dogs have a higher number of endocannabinoid systems in the brain, making them more vulnerable to the psychoactive effects of THC. In fact, some studies revealed that the administration of THC to dogs resulted in severe side effects such as a temporary comatose state, as well as seizures. There have been many stories in the news, with the number only expected to increase with the introduction of government-approved edibles, of dogs accidentally consuming pot. Whether it be from a roach on the street or an ill-placed edible, we have seen time and time again that dogs react very poorly to THC.

CBD, on the other hand, is nonpsychoactive and nontoxic. It produces the same beneficial and medicinal effects of THC but without the psychoactive cannabinoid’s negative side effects.

It Reduces Pain

A study on using CBD oil for pets showed that CBD was able to control joint pain caused by osteoarthritis in dogs. This was evidenced by the dogs being more active, playful, and comfortable after the administration of CBD oil. The study went on to say that the dogs did not exhibit any negative side effects after a month-long treatment.

It Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Just like us, pets have worries and concerns. This means our beloved furry friends suffer from stress and anxiety, the same as we do, when we leave them alone for long hours, when they’re exposed to loud noises, or when they’re in unfamiliar places. Symptoms of stress and anxiety in dogs include excessive barking and whining as well as frequent urination and defecation. They can also be pretty destructive, biting and chewing things.

CBD has calming properties that can ease stress and anxiety. One notable survey done on CBD for pets said that the majority of the pet owners reported significant improvement in the stress and anxiety levels of their pets. They also reported improvement in their pets’ sleep patterns. As for side effects, almost 90% of the pet owners said that CBD oil for pets did not cause any adverse side effects and felt it was safe for their pets. 

I have first-hand experience giving my dog CBD for his anxiety. He is a rescue and was abused as a puppy. As a result, he used to suffer from a lot of anxiety and would act out all of the time. We recently started giving him Mota Animalitos Small Breed several months ago. The improvement has been like night and day. He can now be left home without us needing to worry about him destroying our home while we are gone or attacking visitors out of fear. 


It Can Control Seizures

CBD has the ability to control seizures and reduce their severity and frequency. In a study done by Colorado State University, CBD was able to reduce the frequency of seizures in 89% of the dogs that received CBD treatment.

It Can Kill Cancer

CBD has properties that can benefit dogs with cancer. The cannabinoid can reduce cancer size and growth, as well as help stop the cancer cells from spreading. These properties may also be able to help our beloved pets suffering from cancer.

Before You Give CBD to Your Pets, There are Some Things That You Need to Know First:

  • Make sure that the CBD oil is hemp-derived, organic, and 100% natural. See to it, too, that the oil doesn’t contain any traces of THC as it can be pretty toxic to dogs.
  • CBD for pets may also produce some side effects. According to the survey mentioned above, some pet owners reported sedation when they administered CBD oil to their pets. They also noted CBD oil for pets produced an overactive appetite. CBD may also produce dry mouth, drowsiness, as well as low blood pressure.
  • If you’re going to try CBD oil for dogs or CBD oil for cats, you should follow the basic dosing. As a rule, you should give 1mg (mild symptom) to 5mg (severe symptoms) per 10 pounds of your pet’s body weight. Say for example your dog weighs 20 pounds, then he will need about 2mg to 10mg per day. To be safe though, you can always start at the lowest dose possible and just gradually adjust the dose depending on your pet’s reaction to the addition of CBD.

Top CBD Oil for Pets

You’ll find many options of CBD oil for pets to choose from at Just Cannabis. Some of the best brands of CBD for pets include:



Fortify Tincture – 500mg CBD: This product contains 99.9% pure and organic CBD isolate suspended in MCT oil. It’s perfect for pets with heart and immune system problems as well as anxiety problems.


Mota - Animalitos Cat Tincture


Mota Animalitos Cat Tincture – 150mg CBD: This 30ml bottle also contains 100% organic CBD isolate suspended in MCT oil. It contains salmon oil which works wonders for your cat’s skin and immune system.



Creating CBD Pet Treat – Harmony: If you are having difficulty giving your pet CBD oil, try one of these delicious treats that they are sure to love! Harmony treats are for the improvement of your dog’s brain and immune system, and for repairing aging cells.

Final Thoughts

Lack of research studies and long-term side effects of CBD oil for pets won’t stop many of us pet owners from trying this oil for our furry family members. Anecdotal stories on the benefits of CBD for pets are strong, and they have shown significant improvement in their symptoms. CBD has helped them become more active and enjoy a better quality of life.

If you want to try CBD oil for pets, always remember to start at the lowest dose possible and simply adjust it accordingly, depending on your pet’s reaction. More importantly, choose a quality, trusted brand, one that doesn’t contain THC.

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