5 Lesser Known Benefits of CBD

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Let’s take a moment to look at some of the best-known benefits of CBD. Many people already know that it can control pain and inflammation, reduce anxiety and stress levels, has the ability to kill cancer cells as well as reduce the frequency and severity of epileptic seizures.

CBD can also control depression and improve post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. Furthermore, it has properties that benefit patients with inflammatory problems like Crohn’s Disease, MS, and arthritis as well as help control nausea/vomiting symptoms, fibromyalgia and severe migraine headaches.

HOWEVER, these are just some of the most popular benefits of CBD. There are still some, although less-studied, CBD benefits that you should know about. Below are five unexpected benefits of CBD:

Counteracts THC’s Psychoactive Effects and May Help Control Drug Addiction

THC is the main cannabinoid that gets you ‘high’. And many people know by now that CBD is the cannabinoid that doesn’t. What you may not know is that CBD actually has properties that can reduce or ‘dampen’ the high that THC produces.

CBD manages to do this in two ways. First; by changing the shape and size of the cannabinoid receptor type 1. This is the cannabinoid receptor that THC binds to in order to produce its psychoactive effects. By changing the receptor’s structure, THC would not be able to bind to it and stimulate it to produce a high.buy-cbd-online

Second is by modulating the response of our brain’s reward and pleasure center to THC. This center is also responsible for addiction. The more this center gets stimulated by drugs (including cannabis), the more the person gets hooked on them. 

These beneficial CBD effects can help people dealing with drug dependence and addiction wean off or become less dependent on drugs. These CBD benefits may also help curb nicotine addiction.

Kills Superbugs

Misuse and abuse of antibiotics have led to the creation of superbugs. As a result, these superbugs do not respond to conventional antibiotics, even the strongest types. Studies show that antibiotic-resistant superbugs are now becoming a global threat, with hospitalized patients having the highest risk for superbug infections.

CBD, according to one study, has the ability to kill superbugs. It is potent against three types of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) strains. This is a type of bacteria that has become resistant to antibiotics.

Acts as Powerful Antioxidant

Our body produces free radicals all the time. They’re formed when we metabolize the foods we eat or the water we drink. They’re also formed when we take our medicines,drink alcohol, or even breathing air. Anything, really, that prompts chemical reactions within the body.

Free radicals are just one of our body’s natural byproducts. They are essential to our life since they help trigger a series of chain reactions that make our body move. Unfortunately, high free radical levels contribute to the development of many of our ailments, illnesses, and diseases. They also contribute to the worsening of these disease processes.

To counteract their negative effects, our body makes use of antioxidants produced by our cells. These antioxidants give some of their electrons to the free radicals, making them stable. However, our cells don’t produce enough antioxidants, so we get most of our antioxidants from the foods we eat like vegetables, fruits, and lean meat.

CBD also functions as an antioxidant. Some studies even suggest that CBD, is more powerful and safer than butylhydroxytoluene or BHT, a popular antioxidant added to foods and cosmetics that unfortunately has tumor-promoting effects.

Lowers Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Levels

It’s important that you control your cholesterol and blood glucose levels. The inability to control them can lead to serious chronic medical problems like obesity, heart diseases, stroke, and diabetes. Left untreated, these diseases can significantly affect your way of life.

One of the benefits of CBD is that it has the ability to lower your glucose levels. It makes your cells more sensitive to insulin and decreases their resistance to this hormone. This makes it easier for insulin to “carry” glucose into your cells for metabolism.

Additionally, CBD can also help lower your bad cholesterol levels. It helps your body keep its levels in check and increase the levels of your good cholesterol.

CBD also controls chronic low-grade inflammation associated with obesity. This low-grade inflammation changes the structures of your cells. The structural changes, in turn, affect the way the cells normally function, resulting in the development of diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Controls Skin Diseases like Acne and Psoriasis

These two types of skin diseases have one major thing in common – inflammation.

The sebaceous glands found in the skin produce sebum which keeps our skin hydrated and helps maintain good health. Unfortunately, high sebum production can rupture the sebaceous glands, triggering the inflammatory process. Uncontrolled inflammation, in turn, causes acne breakouts.

Psoriasis, also an inflammatory skin condition, is caused by an abnormal immune system response to a stimulus. Triggers can be foods you eat, infection, illness, drugs, or anything that can make your immune system attack your healthy skin cells. Psoriasis flare-ups result in flaky, scaly, red, raised patches on the skin.

CBD benefits people with these skin problems as it is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that can induce the “suicide” of the abnormal immune cells. By triggering their death, the inflammatory process is controlled and inflammation is reduced.


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Final Thoughts

We may already have countless studies on the various benefits of CBD, but we can’t deny the fact that we’re only scratching the surface of how this cannabinoid interacts with the human body.  It will still take us a long time before we can fully understand the potential of this wonderful cannabinoid. Who knows what other exciting CBD benefits our scientists will discover in the future!

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