How To Store Weed for Optimal Shelf Life

How To Store Weed for Optimal Shelf Life

Is there anything worse than opening your cannabis stash and discovering all your favourite goodies have gone bad? Learning how to store weed is an essential skill for any marijuana lover, especially if you don’t indulge regularly. You’ll save money, improve your cannabis experience, and make the most of your investments by learning the best way to store weed. Explore how to store weed safe, extend your marijuana shelf-life, and enjoy your weed for as long as possible.

Why Learn How To Store Weed?

Cannabis is an integral part of many people’s routines. Whether you’re a frequent user or only treat yourself to marijuana on a special occasion, you probably want your weed to be potent, delicious, and reliable every time you use it. Learning the best way to store weed will help you get the most out of your cannabis. 

Learning how to store weed is also a big part of being a responsible marijuana user. You should keep cannabis safe to protect children, pets, and other vulnerable community members from sneaking into your stash. 

How To Store Weed In The Best Way

The best way to store weed depends on what type of product you’re handling. Dried flowers have different requirements than concentrates, edibles, vapes, and other types of cannabis. One easy rule of thumb is to follow the package instructions whenever you can. You’ll improve the marijuana shelf-life by following the manufacturer’s suggestions. 

How do you keep cannabis safe if it doesn’t have instructions? For example, a pack of edibles should come with a detailed label, but cannabis buds by the ounce might not. Generally speaking, you should keep your cannabis someplace cool, dark, air-tight, and secure. You can extend your marijuana shelf-life and preserve the cannabinoids by storing many products in the fridge or freezer. Others are more shelf-stable and can live in the pantry, cabinet, or storage boxes.

Here are some general guides:

  • Edibles: keep in the fridge or freezer
  • Oils and capsules: keep at room temperature or in the fridge


Where To Buy Ways To Keep Cannabis Safe

When learning how to store weed, remember that you need a cool, dark, air-tight, and secure container. If you don’t have children in the house, this could be as simple as keeping your pot in a sealed baggie in the freezer. 

However, you can also find certain products designed just for your stash. For example, Just Cannabis sells an innovative range of cannabis accessories, including storage containers. Explore their site to find safe, air-tight storage solutions that keep your weed safe at room temperature, in the fridge or in the freezer. You’ll enjoy longer-lasting, more potent cannabis with storage options from JustCannabis! See why we beat other top sites such as Daily Marijuana, Toronto Weed Delivery, and others listed on Cannabis Ontario.

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