How To Make Kief

How to Make Kief

Kief (aka dry sift) is a simple cannabis concentrate that you might be making without knowing it! Precisely what is kief? This pale, powdery substance is shaken loose from cannabis buds. If you use a grinder with your weed, you’re already halfway to learning how to make kief. Making kief simply involves agitating marijuana and collecting the plant’s powerful dust. Learning how to collect kief is simple, easy, and virtually risk-free. Learn how to make kief, use kief and everything else you need to know!


What Is Kief?

What is kief, precisely? Kief is a collection of potent trichomes that fall off cannabis buds. Trichomes are full of active ingredients like cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other goodies. Buds and flowers are covered in trichomes. You may also find trichomes on some stems and leaves, depending on the strain. 

Most established herb lovers already have kief ready to go. The bottom chamber of your grinder is usually full of trichomes. You might also have a nice layer built up on the inside of your storage container. Use this accidental stash to its fullest effect!

How To Collect Kief

Of course, you don’t need to wait for kief to build up in your grinder. You can also learn how to collect kief purposefully. Here are some of the best ways to collect trichomes and explore how to use kief.

Freeze Your Goods

Keep your buds and your grinder in the freezer to easily collect kief. Frozen cannabis is more brittle than dried, encouraging the trichomes to fall off when you grind them. However, just ten minutes in the freezer will drastically increase the kief you can collect.

Add A Lucky Coin

A little extra weight will help you discover how to make kief. Carefully clean and disinfect a coin and keep it in your grinder’s middle chamber. The weight will help more kief pass through the screens. Use A Pollen Box

Pollen boxes use screens to help remove pollen from plants and herbs. These tools were initially designed for gardening purposes, but they’re also great for making kief.

Try A Silk Screen

Place a medium silk screen over a container, then rub buds over the screen. Kief will collect in the container like magic.

How to Use Kief

How To Use Kief

Learning how to use kief is simple. The easiest method is to add kief back to your flowers. Then, sprinkle some into your next bowl or joint for an even more substantial experience. You can also make concentrates and edibles provided you decarb the kief first. Gently bake it at 225 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes to activate the THC, then get creative.

Now That You Know How To Make Kief

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