How to Smoke Shatter

How to Make Shatter

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All true cannabis enthusiasts must know all good ways of consuming the plant. Knowing different ways to use cannabis is like learning how to drive. It doesn’t matter if it’s a manual transmission or an automatic car. If you know how to drive, you’ll be able to do it smartly. Now, to enhance your driving skills and give you the necessary guidelines, we’ve prepared a complete guide regarding how to smoke shatter. Put on your seat belt and let’s get ready to ride. 


What is Shatter
What is Shatter

What is Shatter?

To become the master of this skilled art, we should first be aware of what shatter is. It’s considered one of the purest forms of cannabis extract. In terms of its physical appearance, it looks like a transparent amber-like substance. There are a couple of reasons that make shatter a popular option. First, it produces a ‘great’ high. By great, we mean extreme. So if you’re bored of doing other things, you should go for shatter. And if you think other forms do not give you so much of a high, you might like this one better. Secondly, the effects last longer. So for the people who’re fans of long-lasting effects, a majority of them pick shatter. No wonder why it’s amongst the popular smoking options.

Now we know the thing about shatter is its potency, so we must be careful not to overdo the situation.

One of the two admired ways to smoke shatter is to use a rig. But don’t worry, you can also smoke it without one. If you’re wondering what’s a rig, we’ve got you covered.

A rig, aka an oil rig, consists of a glass pipe, a vertical chamber, and looks kinda like a bong. Apart from that, it has a small hole where a tiny nail is meant to be inserted. The nail must be made of either metal or glass. And of course, it has a mouthpiece from which we inhale.

So How Does it Work
So How Does it Work

So How Does it Work, You Ask?

The nail is heated till it goes red and that is the sign that it’s asking for some shatter. That’s when you grab your metal dabber to put a small amount of shatter onto the nail. The science behind it is that the red hot nail makes the shatter vaporize. This means that it turns into smoke that you inhale through the mouthpiece of the dab to enjoy the amazing experience. Burning shatter using an oil rig is a popular choice as many people believe it gives them a more enjoyable and smoother experience.

If you’re unimpressed with the above-mentioned method, we’re glad that there are other ways to enjoy the smoke.

Next up is through a joint. Undoubtedly, one of the easiest ways to smoke shatter is using a joint. Or blunt. Or a spliff. This convenient method helps you to roll your joints. Making a slight effort will work great for you. Just add a bit of shatter to the blunts. All you have to do is to break your shatter into tiny little pieces. And you can add 2-4 of those small shatter pieces into your bud before you conclude your rolls.

The tip to remember here is to place the shattered pieces away from the ends.

Another simple way to smoke shatter is using a bong. This method of smoking shatter is pretty simple as well and it works great for the people who don’t have a dab rig.

Place the screen at the bottom of your bong bowl. Make sure that the bowl is clean. Add your desired amount of shatter into it and fire it up. Some people use a torch lighter but you can use a regular lighter for this purpose. You might have to blow on the shatter a few times to get it started. Blowing also helps in burning evenly and letting it burn continuously. Now that’s left to do it to inhale and enjoy.

Use a pipe? Surely one of the classiest ways to smoke is using a pipe. Hardly anyone would disagree with that. Knowing how to smoke shatter using a pipe is extremely simple. The procedure remains the same for smoking the dried flower and smoking shatter. Most pipes that we see in the stores tend to work great with shatter. So if you think you have a pipe hidden somewhere in your room, now is the time to find it.

You can also smoke shatter using vape pens. Although not all vapes have the ability to vaporize shatter, usually, the expensive ones do. Most of the portable vapes that are available in stores and online are only designed to burn juices (vape juices). On the other hand, the expensive ones have the option of increasing and decreasing the temperature. Such vapes allow you to vaporize different forms of concentrates including shatter. Just make sure to read the specifications of the vapors before you buy them.

Now that you know different ways to smoke shatter, you can give each of them a try and see which method suits you the best. Whether you’re a bong person or a simple joint full of shatter would do for you, it will be a personalized choice and would depend entirely on your mood and the event. Another thing to keep an eye on is the amount of shatter you are planning to use. It is highly recommended from a small quantity and then build up. You would not want to green out and overdo it as it’s not always fun.

Last but not least, ensuring you’re using good quality is highly essential. Make sure you’re buying top products and are buying them from a reliable and reputable source. There are plenty of stores from which you can take a look around and see what like best. You can also compare different products from different websites. Not only will it give you a clear idea regarding your choices but will also help you in getting a fair price.

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