How to Make CBD Oil

How to Make CBD Oil

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

CBD oil is becoming more and more popular each day. There are plenty of factors behind its popularity and success, the major reason is that it’s a great alternative that also acts as a supplement and of course, it has a lot of potential health benefits.

Today, there’s a huge variety of CBD oils that are available in the online market. You can find dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of different CBD oils. You can even get the top-tier products by just making a few clicks or taps. You can look for the best available options and pick and choose the one that suits your needs the best. You can also compare and check the quality of the oils that you see over the internet.

However, if you’re looking to prepare your very own CBD oil at home, that too is possible. By just following a few simple steps, you can make what you’re looking to make.

What CBD Oil Is
What CBD Oil Is

But First, Let’s Briefly Discuss what CBD Oil is

Made from the amazing hemp flower, it is a non-intoxicating herbal remedy. The oil as well as the plant is rich in CBD (cannabidiol). In simple words, it’s a compound that is known for its health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties. One thing to know about this oil is that it contains little to no THC. That means that using this oil would not make you high, even if you want to.

People use CBD oil for multiple purposes. It is used to help manage common conditions like anxiety, stress, inflammation or to have a better sleep. According to some researches, it also has other benefits like reducing pain, promoting gut health, and a stronger immune system.

Whatever you plan to do with that oil is up to you and you should know exactly how to make the perfect CBD oil that you’ve been wanting to. So let’s get started.


Let’s Begin

The preparation of CBD oil mainly consists of two steps: Decarboxylation or decarb and infusion. It might sound like it’s something complex or technical but in fact, the process is quite simple. Decarbing is the process that activates the beneficial properties in the plant. The compounds are activated by heating. Sound simple enough, right?

The second step, the infusion is about those compounds mixing well with the carrier oil. The result i.e. CBD oil will be an infused product. It shall be easy to consume, while the additional oily oils make it easier for our bodies to absorb.

There a lot of different ways to make CBD oil. Some involve the use of ethanol i.e. alcohol method but that’s not what we want. We want a simple and safe way to make CBD oil – effective results but without much hassle is what we have in mind.

So the safest way to make CBD oil is by using the ‘oil method’. For this method, all you’ll need will be carrier oil. It can either be coconut oil or even olive oil. You can pick the one you think will be better for you.

With that said, you need to be sure to know that the quality of the oil will depend on the quality of ingredients that are in it. So starting from quality cannabis is the key here.

Pick the best available plant from a well-reputed retailer. Start with the decarbing process by baking the plant for about 80-100 minutes at a temperature of 200-200 °F. The temperature and the time will depend upon the type of plant. If it’s a fresh i.e. still wet type, it may require longer to get its chemicals activated.

Now, take a mason jar and mix the carrier oil with the weed. Depending on what ratio you want your final product to be, saturate the weed with the oil. You can add more oil or weed, depending on what you’re after.

After saturation, it’s time to boil the mixture up. Tightly screw the lid of the jar to make sure that nothing gets to enter the jar. No water and not even steam.

Place the jar on top of the towel that’s already inside (bottom) on the pan and fill the pan with water. And using a thermometer, we heat it at a temperature of 200 degrees minimum.

Let the mixer simmer for at least 3-4 hours. Keep an eye on the pan to see if it still has water. Water should not be evaporated. In case it does, you can add more water to it.

After 3-4 hours, turn off the heat but let the jar stay there and rest for about 2-3 hours. This will allow the mixture to mix well.

After it has cool down, repeat the heating process. The reheating process will ensure that if there is some portion of the mixture that hasn’t been mixed properly, it will now. Heat the mixture again for 3-4 hours and allow it to cool down overnight. There’s no rush.

The following morning, wake up to find that your CBD oil is almost ready. All that would be left for you to do would be to strain the mixture using a cheesecloth. Just pour the oil into the jar and there you have it.

One way to benefit from all the goodness of CBD is to make CBD oil part of your daily diet. You can consume it orally or as sublingual tinctures and include it in your drinks. You can use the oil by smoking/inhaling or simply use them for your skin. At the end of the day, it will be your own choice to use the CBD oil however you like. After all, you’ve worked so hard to make it.

Remember to keep the oil in a fine glass bottle with a tight lid. It’s recommended to store the bottle/jar in a cool and dry place, away from the sources of light. Also, make sure it’s kept safe, away from the reach of the children and pets.

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