How To Make Live Resin

Live resin, diamonds, and similar cannabis extracts are powerful products with unique textures, beautiful colours, and tons of THC. However, learning to make live resin is one of the most complicated tasks a cannabis lover can tackle. That’s because a live resin recipe involves potent hydrocarbon solvents. 
However, if you want to make diamonds at home instead of buying live resin online at Just Cannabis, this diamond recipe will walk you through it. So gather your equipment and learn how to make DIY live resin!

Ingredients And Materials To Make Live Resin At Home

  • A live cannabis plant ready to harvest
  • A freezer that can reach -80 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Hydrocarbon solvent
  • Extraction tube
  • Coffee filters
  • Hose clamps
  • Pot, bowl, or bucket


How To Make Live Resin Step By Step

1. Harvest and Flash-Freeze

Harvest your cannabis buds and flash-freeze them within twenty minutes. Your freezer should be set at -80 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results. Keep the solvent cold as well.

2. Break Up The Frozen Buds

Use your hands to break up the frozen buds. You want thick chunks, so don’t use a grinder. Instead, your fingers will do the best job.

3. Fill The Extraction Tube

Place the crushed, frozen buds into the extraction tube. There needs to be enough room for the solvent to pass through the tube, so don’t overfill. Cover each tube end with two coffee filters attached with a hose clamp. Replace the tube in the freezer to drop the temperature again before continuing.

4. Extract The Active Ingredients

Pour solvent through the extraction tube into the bowl or bucket. In this step, the cannabinoids and other active ingredients are flushed from the plant material into the solvent. Repeat this process until the solvent runs clear. You can discard the leftover buds at this point in the live resin recipe.

5. Remove The Solvent

The next step in how to make live resin is removing the solvent. Commercial resin companies use complicated extraction techniques that are dangerous without the proper equipment. It’s best to stick with safer methods when making live resin at home. 
Luckily, the safest way is also the easiest. Leave the bowl of solvent in the open air at room temperature until the solvent dissolves. The solvent is unsafe to drink, so don’t consume your DIY diamonds just yet.

6. Cure The Resin

Check on the live resin recipe’s progress until it reaches a thick texture. Then, let it evaporate until the remaining product is between a sauce and a taffy. After that, you should still let your resin cure for a few weeks. This step is integral to learning how to make live resin because that’s when the distinctive crystals will form.

Researching Live Resin

Making Live Resin at Home
Learning to make live resin at home is an advanced skill. However, with patience, you can learn how to make live resin on your own! Of course, you can also buy live resin online in Canada if you’d prefer. Check out the diamonds, live resin, and other concentrates at Just Cannabis. and offers a fantastic selection of top-quality live resin. Best of all, you don’t have to wait for your live resin DIY to evaporate and cure! Instead, order diamonds online and start enjoying them right away.
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