How To Dry And Cure Weed

How To Dry And Cure Weed

Did you know marijuana isn’t ready to be smoked straight off the plant? Fresh cannabis buds and leaves are packed with potent natural ingredients, but they must be prepared before you can enjoy them.

Learning how to dry and cure cannabis is crucial for anyone with freshly grown weed on hand. Whether you grow your own pot, receive a gift from a gardening friend, or just want to know more about marijuana, you’ll need to know both the drying and curing processes before you smoke it. Let us at Just Cannabis explain it to you!


Why Dry Your Weed?

Learning how to dry and cure weed is a standard part of preparing marijuana buds to smoke. Fresh marijuana is beautiful, but it’ll cause problems if you try to use it immediately. The leaves contain too much moisture for a smooth, even burn. 

Fresh weed is also full of chlorophyll; the compound plants use to transform sunlight into energy. Chlorophyll has plenty of health benefits but also creates a leafy green taste that’s unpleasant when smoked. 

When you learn how to dry and cure weed, you’ll be able to give yourself a better experience. Drying cannabis releases extra moisture and chlorophyll while protecting your favourite cannabinoids and terpenes.


How To Dry Weed

Drying cannabis should be done in a dark drying room since exposure to sunlight reduces the cannabinoid content of weed. Darkness also reduces the level of chlorophyll in marijuana plants. This is good news because too much of it produces harsher smoke. 

However, no matter what process you use to dry buds, you must trim the plant first. Prepare your plants when your cannabis buds are full-sized and ready to be used. Then, you can either dry-trim or wet-trim your weed. 

Dry-trimming involves drying your plant first, then trimming the buds. In wet trimming, you trim first and dry second. The method is up to you and your preferences. 


How To Dry-Trim Weed

Hang the harvested buds upside down in a drying room for 10 to 14 days to avoid the buds from being crushed. Once dry, cut the large individual branches into manageable pieces. Then carefully remove the sugar leaves from each bud, beginning at the bottom and working your way to the top. Once hang drying is complete, remove the buds and cure.


How to Wet-Trim Cannabis

Cut each branch near the node or joint that connects each new stem. Do not set a wet branch down on a flat surface; otherwise, the individual buds will likely begin to flatten. Then prune the small sugar leaves on each bud, starting at the base of the bud and working your way up. 

Once the buds are free from any sugar remnants, they’re ready for drying on screens or trays so that the wet buds can be placed relatively close together.

Whether you wet or dry trim your weed, it’s important not to let it dry for too long. Humidity packs can be used to speed up the process. Test your cannabis every day by trying to break a stem. When the stem snaps cleanly instead of bending, your cannabis is dry. Now it’s time to cure it! 


How To Cure Weed

How To Cure Weed

Curing cannabis might sound complicated, but simply place your trimmed buds in airtight containers like wide-mouth mason jars to cure buds properly. Avoid using zip-lock bags or plastic bags. Instead, store them in a cool, dark place and be patient. 

If you want to take it a step further, you can open up the jars every day for 30-45 minutes to get the fresh air in (this process is also known as “burping”) to get perfect buds. 

Curing buds allow all the moisture to work its way out of the center of the bud, creating an excellent smoking experience. In addition, your cannabis will lock in flavours, tastes, smells, and cannabinoids over time. 

Voila! You now have properly cured buds.


Explore Dried And Cured Weed

Drying and curing cannabis is essential to ensure final bud quality and shelf life. The cannabis plant requires proper care and attention but experiment with various methods to see what works for you! 

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Need another option to browse from? There is also Get Kush, an online marijuana dispensary in Canada. It’s important to always order cannabis online from a trusted weed store; that way, you can ensure that you are shopping from a selection of professionally dried and cured buds. 

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