How To Dab Without A Rig

How To Dab Without A Rig

Cannabis wax and other weed concentrates offer some of the best ways to get high. These highly potent weed concentrates will blow your mind, getting you unbelievably high for a long time. 

However, learning how to use wax can have a bit of a learning curve, especially if you’ve never heated a dab nail before. That’s why we believe everyone should learn how to dab without a rig! 

Whether you haven’t invested in the perfect rig yet, yours is sadly broken, or you just want to be versatile, dabbing without a rig is easier than it sounds. 

Learn everything you need to start smoking wax without a rig with us at Just Cannabis!


Use A Bowl To Smoke Wax

Turn to your other weed accessories if you need to know how to dab without a rig. For example, smoking wax in your favourite bong, bubbler, spoon, or bowl is easy. Note that you’ll need some dried buds for this method as well. 

Also, make sure to choose a reliable source to find greens online that are high-quality, affordable, and effective.

Simply pack your bowl about halfway full of buds. Next, place a small dab of wax onto the herbs and finish it with more flowers. This method protects the wax from touching an open flame yet still heats it enough to release THC


Add Wax To A Joint

Another option for dabbing without a rig is to smoke it in a joint. This method makes any joint stronger and is a simple way to use wax. If you’re rolling your own joint, just add the wax after the flower, then proceed as usual. 

Using pre-rolled joints is a little more complicated but still manageable. Carefully unwrap the joint, add the wax, and then reassemble. If your wax is firm enough, you can roll some into a thin snake and wrap it around the outside of your joint. Feel free to get creative and have fun!


Vaping Wax

Using a vape pen is an easy strategy for smoking wax without a rig. Some reusable vape pens can get hot enough to vaporize wax. You can carefully place a dab directly onto the unheated coil if yours has this feature. Then reassemble, turn on the pen, and inhale. 

Ensure your dab pen is up to the job before loading it up. You’d hate to waste your wax and damage your dab pens if it doesn’t get hot enough.


Hot-Knifing Wax

If you’re really in a pinch, dabbing with hot knives is one of your best options for how to dab without a rig. All you need is cannabis wax, a metal butter knife, and a heat source. Stoves are the traditional option, but you could also use a campfire, car cigarette lighter, or a portable torch. 

The name “hot knifing” really tells you everything you need to know. Heat the tip of your knife on your stove or another heat source, then carefully dab some wax onto it. The wax will immediately vaporize into the air. You can use a funnel, straw, or cut-off plastic bottle to catch the smoke. 


Enjoying Wax Without A Dab Rig


Enjoying Wax Without A Dab Rig

Dab rigs are convenient ways to enjoy wax, but they aren’t the only option. If you don’t have a rig handy, you can use these other methods of smoking dabs. 

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