Grades Of Weed Quality

Quad weed, budget buds, shake, trim: if you’ve visited a dispensary or hung out with pot-loving friends, you’ve probably heard these terms before. Cannabis quality is a huge point of discussion among marijuana lovers. Think of it like pizza: world-quality marijuana can change your life, but even low-quality weed is still pretty fun. So what are the grades of marijuana? Learn all about different grades of weed quality so you can keep up the next time you buy weed.


Low-Quality Cannabis

A grade weed is the lowest quality available. What is A weed known for? At this level, cannabis tends to have disappointing smells, tastes, and effects. Some AA-grade weed has low cannabinoid levels, which means they can’t create a powerful high. At this level, you’re also missing out on terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds that make luxury cannabis so amazing.

You might be asking, what is A weed doing on any dispensary’s shelf? What these varieties lack in luxury effects make up for in price. AA and A weed are often called budget buds because they’re inexpensive. There’s nothing wrong with buying budget buds, shake, trim, A-grade weed, or any other cost-effective option when that’s what you need to do.

Mid-Grade Cannabis

Cannabis Plant
AA and AAA weed is a step away from low-quality cannabis. These varieties offer a middle ground between bare-bones budget buds and top-shelf luxury cannabis. So what is AAA weed famous for? You’ll find more cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes in AAA weed. The physical quality is better as well. Look for developed buds, distinctive green colours, pleasant smells, and enjoyable tastes in AAA pot. 
What is AAA weed best for? Mid-grade cannabis is a go-to for many people. If you have the budget, AAA weed is a great everyday choice. It delivers reliable, enjoyable results that can improve anyone’s day.

Top-Shelf Cannabis

What is quad weed? Remember our pizza analogy: if A-grade marijuana is a lukewarm slice taken from under the heat lamp at your local diner, then AAAA weed is a gourmet pie pulled straight out of a wood-fired oven in Naples. 

Luxury weed has an AAAA rating because it’s the best available quality. Delicious flavour profiles, beautifully dense buds, rich green colouration, and aromatic scents are just part of the experience. So what is AAAA weed known for? These varieties boast the best cannabinoid profiles on the planet. Some luxury weed contains more than 30% THC. You’ll also find potent full-spectrum effects thanks to CBD, CBD, and other cannabinoids. A vast list of terpenes and flavonoids round out the effects. We suggest every cannabis lover should try quad weed at least once. It’s an experience you’ll always treasure.

Explore Different Grades Of Weed

Explore Different Grades Of Weed
Now that you understand the grades of weed quality, you’re a more informed part of the cannabis community. So put your new skills into action and try a different grade of weed today. Just Cannabis offers a wide selection of cannabis grades, plus their low prices make AAAA weed more accessible than you might think. Be sure to explore all the CBD reviews at Top Flowers Online and once you’ve decided on what you need, there is fast and reliable CBD and weed delivery in Mississauga. If you’re interested in Keto products, there are also tons of unbiased reviews from keto supplement experts at Keto Brand Reviews to help you on your path to a healthier lifestyle.


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