Different Types of Hash


What is marijuana hash? Hashish, more commonly referred to as hash, is an aromatic, concentrated form of cannabis. Due to its high THC concentration, hash has more potent side effects and benefits than traditional forms of cannabis and is a popular form of cannabis concentrate

Hash is made from cannabinoid-rich glandular hairs called trichomes and cannabis flower and leaf fragments.  It is basically trichomes that are removed from cannabis buds and compressed into bircks of THC goodness. Hash is commonly a reddish-brown to black in colour subsatnce. Pieces of hash are broken off and put into pipes to be smoked. Be sure to watch how much you smoke because the THC count is much higher than that of the buds the hash came from.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of hash you can commonly find.


The different types of hash include…


Kief Or Dry Sift Hash

When dried marijuana leaves are sifted over a screen to allow trichomes to break and fall through, the ones that fall off are called kief. It is basically any crystals that are removed from the plant.


Dry sift hash varies in colour depending on where and how it was made. You can add kief to spice up your joints or smoke it straight out of a pipe or bong.


Finger Hash Photo from Best Seeds Bank

Finger Hash

Finger hash, also called hand-rubbed hash, is one of the oldest ways to make it. It is made by rubbing dry buds in the hands. The resin produced from the hand rubbing is then shaped into patties. Be sure to wear gloves because this process can get very sticky! If you know any cannabis growers, you likely have tried some finger rub hash. This hash product can be broken up and added to a joint or smoked in a pipe or bong on its own.



Bubble Hash

During bubble hash production, the cannabis plant is first frozen to preserve its freshness. Next, it is mixed with ice-cold water before it is passed through filters called bubble bags. The hash is filtered numerous times until it becomes a sticky paste which is then pressed into the final product. Bubble hash is one of the higher quality hash products you can find, but it takes the longest and is the most work.



Master Sift Hash

The master sifter machine is a faster and more reliable hash production method. It produces hash that is yellow-gold in colour. Master sift hashish is another type of hash that is typically higher in quality than some of the previously mentioned types. 


A Conclusion on the Different Types of Hash

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