Why Is CBD Oil So Popular In Canada?

Why Is CBD Oil So Popular In Canada

If you spend a lot of time with your local cannabis community, you’ve probably seen CBD oil all over the place. From CBD ads on your favourite dispensary website to oil bottles in your buddy’s stash, CBD is hard to miss. This potent compound is making its way into mainstream society, too. 

So what is CBD oil, and why is CBD oil so popular in Canada? Let’s uncover the roots of the current CBD trend to discover how to use CBD oil, where to source CBD oil, and what’s so great about CBD oil in the first place.


What Is CBD Oil?

Before we go any further, we must address the elephant in the room: what is CBD oil, anyway? 

CBD oil is a type of cannabis concentrate that contains high quantities of extracted CBD. Experienced marijuana lovers might already be familiar with THC oil and similar products. 

Both THC and CBD oil are made by extracting active ingredients from the cannabis plant. Then these cannabinoids are processed, purified, and infused into oil for easy usage. 

CBD oil focuses on cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants. Unlike taking THC oil, CBD oil won’t get you high. However, there are products like full-spectrum CBD oil that contain trace amounts of THC. 

Also, there are cannabis products that contain both CBD and THC that can make you high. So it is essential to know the different CBD product forms and understand the difference between items from hemp plants and marijuana plants. 

Why is hemp-derived CBD oil so popular in Canada if it doesn’t make you high? The answer lies in CBD’s other potent qualities and therapeutic effects.


Why Use CBD Oil?

What’s so great about CBD oil? CBD has been intensely studied to answer this very question. Decades of scientific research prove that CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory compound. When you learn where to source CBD oil and how to use CBD oil, you can enjoy a range of natural health benefits. 

Medical cannabis users love CBD because it relieves inflammation, pain, and related physical symptoms. What is CBD oil used for in these cases? 

People take CBD oil to help muscle pain, joint aches, arthritis, athletic recovery, injuries, chronic pain, and other physical symptoms. CBD also boasts proven mental and emotional benefits. 

Many people learn to use CBD oil to manage anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, PTSD, and more. 

So why is CBD oil so popular in Canada? This question might not be a mystery now that you know what CBD oil is used for; its therapeutic benefits.


Why Use CBD Oil?


How To Use CBD Oil

Another reason CBD oil is so prevalent in Canada is its versatility. Oils offer many different application methods. 

You can take CBD oils orally by swallowing them directly or holding them under your tongue. Swallowing CBD oil, mixing it into food, or adding it to a beverage delivers long-lasting effects for enduring benefits. 

You can also use CBD oil topically, rubbing it onto joints or muscles that hurt for targeted results. These diverse methods explain why CBD oil is so prevalent in Canada.


Where To Source Cannabidiol Oil and Other CBD Products In Canada


Where To Source Cannabidiol Oil and Other CBD Products In Canada

Now that you know why CBD oil is so famous in Canada and how to use CBD oil let’s wrap up with where to buy CBD oil online in CanadaJust Cannabis is the top CBD source in the CBD industry of Canada for a good reason! Find us featured on sites like BC Weed Delivery and Buy CBD California and see what others are saying.

You’ll find competitive prices, a wide selection, high-quality products like BioLyfe CBD Oil Tinctures, and excellent customer service every time you make an order. Check out JustCannabis’s secure site to explore the best CBD in Canada.

So enjoy CBD’s benefits and find some of the best products in the CBD market. We’re sure to have the perfect CBD product for you. You can find CBD capsules, CBD vapes, CBD edibles, CBD Isolates, and more!

Lastly, the legal status of CBD falls under the cannabis regulations outlined in the Cannabis Act of Canada. And even though CBD is legal in Canada, more research and clinical studies into CBD’s effects are needed to substantiate the medical claims being made. Although, research suggests CBD has great potential as a natural health treatment for CBD consumers. 



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