What Temp To Vape Weed? Find The Optimal Temperature Range

What Temp To Vape Weed

Vape temperature control is one reason why so many cannabis lovers are now vaping. Various heat ranges bring out different qualities in your cannabis. It’s hard to fine-tune heat ranges when smoking a joint or hitting a bong, but using a vape is a great way to get precisely the temperature you prefer.

If you want to learn what temp to vape cannabis for different effects, you’ve come to the right place. Just make sure you have a rechargeable pen since most disposable models don’t let you adjust the heat settings. 

We’ll cover how high to vape weed, the best vaping temperatures, and everything else you need to know about vaping weed. Learn how to enjoy the optimal vaping experience so you can get the ideal medicinal effects from vaporizing cannabis.


Lower Temperatures (325-350°F / 163-177°C)

Before we begin, it’s important to point out that different types of cannabis products have different burning boiling points and optimal temperature ranges. For example, cannabis flowers burn at a lower temperature than marijuana concentrates.

So exactly what temperature should you use? The answer is not so clear on what the perfect temperature to vape weed is. 

Low temperatures are ideal for you if you want to know what temp to vape weed for a gentle experience. The THC in your cannabis needs to reach 315° F before it starts to cause bodily effects. This is around the minimum temperature you need to vape recreational and medical marijuana products.

At these low temperatures, your weed is just barely activated. You’ll experience a sense of euphoria and being high. However, these sensations won’t be as intense as if you used a higher temperature. If you’re wondering how high to vape weed, beginners should first stick with a lower temperature range. 

Low heat is one of the best temperatures for vaping if you want the following benefits and effects:

  • Cool, gentle vapour for less coughing
  • Fresh taste with heavy terpene flavours
  • Feel invigorated but not burnt out
  • Decreased side effects like anxiety, dry mouth, and paranoia


Moderate Temperatures (350-400°F / 177-204°C)

Mid-ranges are the best temperatures for vaping once you know what to expect. We recommend this range for cannabis lovers ready for a more intense experience. If you’re transitioning from tobacco to cannabis, moderate temperatures will help vaping feel more familiar and comfortable.

These higher temperatures activate more cannabinoids in your THC. You’ll notice more psychoactive effects in this range because more THC is activated and absorbed. You’ll also find that terpenes and flavonoids are preserved at moderate heat. 

Use moderate heat if you want these benefits:

  • More intense high that doesn’t make you sluggish
  • Lots of rich flavours from terpenes and cannabinoids
  • More activated THC
  • Only minor side effects


High Heat (400-430°F / 204-221°C)

Curious about how high to vape weed if you want the most potent possible high? Just use the highest possible temperature. Temps about 400° F will release heavy amounts of THC and other cannabinoids. This range is perfect if you want heavy psychotropic effects or need help sleeping and relaxing.

You won’t notice much terpene flavour at this level of high temps. That’s because most terpenes are blasted away at this heat. Consider waiting until the end of your session to raise the heat this much. 

Once you do, you’ll enjoy the following effects:

  • Ultimate THC activation
  • Highest cannabinoid levels
  • Appetite suppressants that can help you avoid the munchies
  • May cause coughing, lethargy, and other side effects

Make sure you don’t overheat your weed because the cannabis compounds break down at too high temperatures and deteriorate the medicinal properties and chemical makeup. The last thing you want to do is reach the boiling point of your cannabis plant product. 

Instead, you want to find the best temperature to vape weed and avoid any boiling points for the optimal vaping temperature for the best-desired effects. 

what temperature to vape weed

Explore Temperatures for Vaping Cannabis

Now that you know what temp to vape weed, why not compare the different heats for yourself? 

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