What Is Sativa Cannabis?

What Is Sativa Cannabis

As cannabis continues to grow in popularity, more and more users seek to refine their cannabis knowledge by learning more about the various cannabis strains, their unique advantages and quirks, and the differences between one strain and another. 

Together with cannabis Indica, Sativa is one of the more popular and widely produced cannabis strains. In this post, we will dive deeply into the finer details of Sativa plants and how they differ from Indica plants. 


What Are The Key Traits Of Cannabis Sativa Plants? 

Sativa plants tend to be tall, with long narrow leaves and branches spaced far apart. Due to the size of the cannabis plant, Sativa cannabis is generally considered an outdoor plant. While Sativa can be grown indoors, the restricted space tends to limit the ultimate size and productivity of the plants. 

Sativa flowers have a gentle floral or fruity scent; when smoked, the buds produce a gentle aroma with the same notes of flowers and fruits. In addition, Sativa Cannabis leaves a delicately smooth, earthy flavour on the palate when smoked. 


How Is Sativa Cannabis Used?

Cannabis Sativa strains are popular with both recreational and medical cannabis users. Sativa is known for its stimulant qualities and is often used to help boost creativity and motivation when extra energy is needed. 

Sativa often results in what is known as a “head” high, meaning that Sativa Cannabis often has a strong effect on the mind without causing extreme relaxation or slowed physical responsiveness commonly associated with other cannabis strains. 

Because of the solid mental stimulation associated with Sativa, Cannabis’s more potent varieties have the potential to produce a hallucinogenic effect in some users. 

What are Sativa weed strains

What Are The Medical Benefits Of Sativa Strains?

Different strains of cannabis are used to alleviate the symptoms of different medical conditions based on each strain’s physical and mental effects. The strong mental stimulating effect of Sativa Cannabis makes it beneficial for users experiencing several common mental and physical ailments.  


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

While it may seem counterintuitive, Sativa Cannabis is often used to calm the symptoms of ADHD, allowing those who struggle with the disorder to achieve a greater concentration of focus. While Sativa Cannabis is generally considered a stimulant, it tends to have a calming effect on the minds of those with ADHD.



Many Sativa Cannabis strains are high in CBD, a substance which has shown promise in stimulating the feel-good chemicals in the human brain. This makes Sativa cannabis an excellent choice for elevating the mood of those suffering from the symptoms of depression.  


Appetite Stimulant

Sativa Cannabis acts as a powerful appetite stimulant. This makes this strain particularly useful for helping to boost the appetite of those undergoing chemotherapy or struggling with the appetite loss that accompanies the advanced stages of certain diseases such as AIDS and other conditions. 

Of course, cannabis should not be used as a replacement for a licensed medical professional’s medical care and treatment.


What Is The Difference Between Cannabis Indica and Sativa?

Now that we have taken a closer look at the Sativa Cannabis strain, let’s compare Indica and Sativa and see how Indica strains differ.

Cannabis sativa strains

Cannabis Plants Characteristics

Sativa Cannabis is a tall plant with long narrow leaves. The flowers of the Sativa plant have a delicate floral or fruity aroma and produce a delicate floral scented smoke that leaves an earthy taste on the palate. Popular Sativa strains include Sour Diesel and Durban Poison.

By contrast, Indica strains tend to be more compact, with short leaves placed tightly together, giving the cannabis Indica plant a shrub-like appearance. The Indica flower has a strong, pungent or musky scent and produces a strong smelling earthy scented smoke that leaves a lingering flavour on the tongue. Popular Indica strains include Hindu Kush and Northern Lights.

Additionally, there are also hybrid strains which are created by breeding Sativa and Indica together. Hybrid strains are usually categorized into Sativa-dominant, Indica dominant and 50/50 hybrids. The appearance of hybrid strains depends on the combination of the parent plants. 


Sativa vs. Indica: Mental Effect

Sativa dominant strains produce a strong mental stimulant effect, and certain strains may have a hallucinogenic effect on some users. The mental psychoactive effects of cannabis Sativa are referred to as a “head high” as it does not result in the physical sluggishness or relaxation produced by other cannabis strains such as Indica.

Indica dominant strains produce a calming, euphoric sensation that gives users a sense of well-being and can lead to drowsiness. This mental effect is often quite strong and can result in slowed physical responses and deep relaxation or sleep. 


Sativa vs. Indica: Physical Effect

Sativa Cannabis is well known for its cerebral high effect that produces a substantial energizing and euphoric boost that can increase creativity, motivation and productivity. However, this strong stimulant effect can result in unpleasant jittery feelings in those with anxiety disorders. 

Indica cannabis produces a strong euphoric feeling of calm. Unfortunately, this strain also produces a strong physical relaxation effect, resulting in less responsive physical reactions, drowsiness, and sleepiness.


Final Thoughts On Sativa Cannabis

When it comes down to choosing the best cannabis strain for you, it is often a matter of personal preference. However, if you are looking for a creativity and productivity-boosting cannabis strain that will let you keep the work and play flowing, then Sativa Cannabis may be the strain for you. 

However, remember that mental and physical effects may vary significantly within the same subspecies, so take some time to experiment with different varieties of Sativa Cannabis to find the perfect plant for your taste. 

Lastly, you can buy Sativa cannabis strains online from reliable sources like Just Cannabis, or even get same-day Sativa strain delivery from local courier services. 



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