What Are Weed Edibles?


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Marijuana, cannabis, and weed edibles are delicious treats that many users enjoy as a safe alternative to smoking cannabis. Edibles are easy to make, but you’ll find that the taste and quality vary depending on who makes them. If you’re wondering what weed edibles are and are ready to try pot in this method, you’ll find the tastiest, most reliable edibles at reputable cannabis dispensaries. In addition, you’ll enjoy powerful therapeutic effects, health benefits, and lots of recreational fun by adding edibles to your routine.

Once you learn what THC edibles are, you might be curious about making yourself a batch. Check out our guide to learn everything there is about crafting delicious, top-quality edibles. You can improve endless recipes with a touch of THC, so get your sweet tooth ready, grab your finest cannabis, and sharpen your favourite kitchen knife.

Modern edibles might seem like a recent innovation, but people have enjoyed marijuana with food for thousands of years—if not longer. So let’s explore what cannabis edibles are as well as their history. We’ll also dig into different edibles, expected effects, benefits, side effects, medical applications, and more. You’ll even learn some tried and true recipes, including portion sizes, desired effects, and more.

Don’t enjoy spending time in the kitchen? Not to worry, because there are many marijuana dispensaries where you can source delicious, practical, pre-made edibles. Let’s learn what weed edibles are and discover more about these tasty treats!

A Brief History Of Weed Edibles

Historians aren’t sure exactly when people first started to use marijuana. Our earliest ancestors may have found the plant in the wild and eaten it as if it was food. It wouldn’t be until people started to cook or smoke the plant to unlock its full potential. THC only activates when you heat marijuana flowers, so primitive people wouldn’t have seen much effect from eating raw pot.

Whatever the timeline, most ethnobotanists are confident that early humans did explore marijuana. Exciting research shows that the first documented case of edible cannabis may have come from ancient India. These people called their weed Mahjoun and used it mixed with spices and sweeteners. 

Other studies have also pinpointed ancient cannabis use in Uzbekistan, Cambodia, and Poland. In addition, some historians have found patterns between marijuana use and the development of music, art, religion, and other cornerstones of human culture with its widespread use. 

Cannabis made its way to Europe and North America in the 1800s. Then, just like today, users enjoyed weed for its inspirational spark, calming effects, and community building.


Cannabis Edibles And Canadian Culture

Canadian culture has gone through a transformation ever since the legalization of marijuana. Canadians are opening their minds to the pleasure of using edibles and the many benefits of pot. As marijuana and edibles become increasingly mainstream, many Canadians are consuming edibles daily. 

This high demand has led to an increased supply. Cannabis brands are happy to show you what edibles drugs are with various delicious, potent products. Today’s customers can choose from thousands of edible varieties at dispensaries across the country. 

Edible’s growing use is also building a community. Online dispensaries make it easier than ever to try edibles since you can now order these products from your couch at home. The Canadian weed community is welcoming. Most users love to introduce curious friends and family to edibles. Even if you don’t have experienced users in your daily life, you can still explore all the most popular products.

The Chemistry Inside Your Marijuana Edible

Now that we’ve explored the long history of cooking with the right spice let’s learn what happens when making an edible.


Marijuana contains 490 naturally occurring compounds, but only 66 classify as cannabinoids. The most famous cannabinoid is everyone’s favourite, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC. So if you’re wondering what THC edibles are, the first question is, what is THC?


THC Is The Key

THC is the cannabinoid that produces the delightful intoxicating effects of marijuana. THC is a lipid-soluble compound to get into the science, which means it attaches to both your body fat and your brain’s chemical receptors. That is where the fun starts. Once THC attaches, it starts to produce a range of euphoric sensations.

When you eat edibles, you’re putting THC into your body in an entirely different way than smoking it. This is because consuming THC introduces the compound to your endocannabinoid system differently than inhaling the substance. As a result, your body metabolizes THC slower over a more extended period. 

This drawn-out digestion process takes longer to break down the THC, so you can enjoy the euphoric sensations for longer than when you smoke. The slow absorption process also means it can take a long time to start feeling the effects of edibles. In some situations, you might not notice anything for several hours after consuming your edible. If you’re not sure what THC edibles are doing in your body and when you feel a reaction, just be patient.

The other main difference between eating an edible and smoking pot is that edibles can produce much stronger sensations. This is because your body breaks THC down into metabolites called 11-OH-THC. Metabolites cross the blood-brain barrier up to four times faster than THC, so you’re enjoying a double effect with edibles. Both the THC and the metabolites are getting you high.


What’s the Shelf-Life of an Edible?

The shelf life for edibles is, unfortunately, pretty short. An edible’s shelf-life is the same as the food that the THC is in. Proper storage is key to prolonging the shelf life, including in the fridge or freezer. Just make sure you clearly label your edibles as to what they are and make sure they are in a child-proof container.

Final Words on What are Weed Edibles

Now that you know what cannabis edibles are remember that marijuana edibles produce solid and long-lasting sensations. However, remember to use edibles slowly and carefully, so you don’t go overboard. Cannabis edibles are a different beast than traditional marijuana flowers, so you should take them with care. 

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