What Are The Different Types Of Marijuana?

What Are The Different Types Of Marijuana

Sativa, Indica, hybrid: if you’ve spent any time around the Canadian cannabis community, you’ve probably heard these terms, even if you’re not clear on what they mean. Did you know that these words describe different cannabis plants, not just weed characteristics or qualities? There are many different marijuana strains available, and they can all be grouped into one of three different families. What are the different types of marijuana? Learn more about weed strains so you can always find the pot experience you crave.

Different Types Of Marijuana

Like many plants, marijuana plants grow in several different varieties. Think about all the different types of trees, variations of flowers, or flavours of grapes you’ve ever seen. What are the different types of cannabis? Just like you’ll see a wide variety of trees in the forest or grapes at the grocery store, you can also find different kinds of marijuana. 

Indica and Sativa are the two original cannabis variants. These members of the cannabis family have many similarities. Both Indica and Sativa plants have similar leaves, colouring, and active ingredients. In addition, these plants both contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient that makes you feel high. However, there are many differences as well. What are the different types of marijuana used for? Explore the main cannabis strains to learn more about each variety.

Sativa Strain

Sativa Marijuana

Sativa cannabis plants are originally found in Central and South America. This cannabis variant thrives in warm growing conditions with lots of sunlight. What are the different types of weed best suited for? Sativa strains are known for creating a mental or cerebral high. When you use Sativa weed, you can expect a boost of energy and creativity

Indica Marijuana

Indica cannabis is native to Eastern Asia, initially growing in Iraq, Pakistan, northern India, and nearby regions. Indica strains were found on exposed mountainsides and are used to colder temperatures. What are the different types of cannabis, and what makes them unique? Indica strains can help you relax by causing profound, full-body highs. Many herb lovers swear by Indica cannabis to help them sleep, relieve pain and generally unwind.


Hybrid Strain

Hybrid Marijuana

What are the different types of marijuana on the market today? Sativa and Indica are the two original cannabis strains, but most modern weed farmers cultivate hybrid varieties. Hybrid cannabis strains are created by cross-pollinating a Sativa and an Indica plant. With careful planning, cannabis farmers have grown strains that combine the best of both worlds. 

Where To Buy The Different Types Of Marijuana

What are the different types of marijuana? If you’re still curious about this question, we recommend getting some first-hand experience! The best way to learn about cannabis strains is to try them yourself. There are thousands to choose from, so what are you waiting for?

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