What Are Moon Rocks?

What Are Moon Rocks?

Are you itching to get truly out of this world the next time you get high? Moon rocks have a reputation for sending people to outer space, and for a good reason. So what are marijuana moon rocks, exactly? 

Think of THC moon rocks as the turducken of cannabis. These multi-layered marijuana goodies combine different types of potent weed strains to deliver remarkable effects

Explore moon rocks’ strongness, the effects of moon rock weed, and how to smoke moon rocks in our comprehensive guide at Just Cannabis.


What Is Moon Rock Weed Made Of?

So, what are moonrocks? If you’ve ever thought that cannabis flower was great but that it could be even better, then moon rocks are right up your alley. 

Moon rocks are marijuana buds dipped in hash oil, then rolled in kief for good measure. Some marijuana users call it cannabis caviar. GSC is commonly used for moon rocks THC, but you can find a variety of other strains too. 

Also, making your own moon rocks is possible as long as you have all the components.


How Strong Are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are very powerful. But, exactly how strong are moon rocks? Some batches can hit up to 50% THC. For context, most buds don’t get about 20% THC. So smoking moon rocks are more than twice as strong! 

This potency shouldn’t be a surprise when you consider that moon rocks are rich buds covered in powerful hash oil, then layered with fine kief. Once you learn how to smoke moon rocks, you can enjoy an earth-shattering high whenever you desire.

Moon rocks combine traditional buds with potent weed concentrates to create long-lasting highs. The moon rocks experience starts with a cerebral high that eventually spreads throughout your body. You really will feel like you’re flying through space with moon rocks THC.


What Are The Effects Of Moon Rocks?


What Are The Effects Of Moon Rocks? 

What is a moon rock joint like when you smoke it? Of course, you already know how strong moonrocks are, so you’re prepared to experience extreme highs. However, if you have a hefty tolerance or need a heavy THC dosage for medical purposes, moon rocks can be just what the doctor ordered. 

Cannabis moon rocks also last for a long time, delivering highs that last overnight or more. So you don’t need a huge amount to reach this level, either. This durability makes most moon rocks cost-effective in the long run. 


How To Smoke Moon Rock Weed?

Invest in some glassware if you’re curious about how to smoke moonrocks. Bongs, pipes, and dab rigs are best for moon rocks since they have a thick, greasy texture. Moon rocks can be hard to wrangle into rolling papers or vapes on their own. Keeping your moon rocks lit can also be challenging, so be patient and keep a lighter nearby. Trust us; the effects are worth it.

Moon rocks are a serious undertaking! We recommend clearing your schedule, preparing a comfy environment, filling up a water bottle, and having a snack before enjoying your rocks. Once they kick in, you won’t want to do much besides enjoy.


Where To Source MoonRocks

Moon rocks are only available at the best dispensaries. Check out JustCannabis.cc to explore a great selection of moon rocks. We love their high quality, endless variety, great prices, guaranteed shipping, and many other perks! 

You can also make your own moon rock and source highly-potent weed extracts like hash oil at Highest Farmacy

If you don’t want to make your own, then getting your moon rock high can be sooner than you think if you order from the fastest cannabis delivery in Toronto, Ontario. You can expect same-day weed delivery throughout the Greater Toronto Area that is fast and reliable!



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