Traveling with Cannabis in Canada

Traveling With Cannabis In Canada
I was recently preparing to travel across the country when it dawned on me that I had no idea what the rules were regarding traveling with cannabis. I mean I know it’s legal nationwide, (even if it does not always feel like it in Quebec). However, not all provinces have the same rules.
It pays to know the laws for transporting cannabis even if you think it’s the same across the board.
Now, before we go any further if you’re thinking of flying internationally with weed: just don’t. It is strictly prohibited to transport cannabis out of the country. Even if you are flying to California or Colorado, you cannot bring cannabis with you.
The same applies for coming back. It’s also illegal to bring cannabis into Canada. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming directly from Amsterdam; the government only wants cannabis grown within Canada inside of it.
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Rules for Transporting Cannabis Across Different Provinces

The legal age for cannabis is 19 across most of Canada. However, in Alberta, it’s 18 and in Quebec, it’s actually 21, despite the drinking age remaining 3 years younger. This means if you’re traveling across the country, are bringing weed with you and are under 21; be careful.
If you’re of legal age, it’s perfectly legal to carry cannabis with you anywhere in the country, provided that it doesn’t exceed more than 30 grams. For oils and tinctures, you shouldn’t have more than 100 ml in your bag. However, if you need to carry more than the allowed 100-ml limit for your medical condition, then you need specific documents, such as a medical cannabis prescription to avoid problems.
Legal weed or not, airport security will never not give me anxiety. It’s ingrained in me.
The government says they are cracking down on illegal cannabis, so if you’re carrying weed with you, they advise you to keep it in its original container. This is especially important if you’re traveling to Manitoba where possessing unpackaged cannabis can get you fined of up to $672.
The government allows consumers to transport no more than 30 mg of weed in a vehicle. However, this does not permit anybody to consume weed in any type of vehicle, except for parked RVs which is considered as a temporary residence.
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Tips to Help Avoid the Hassle

It’s easy to avoid legal problems while traveling across the country’s different provinces. You only have to follow the rules. So before traveling, always check the legal age and make sure you’re not carrying more than the legal amount. If you’re going to bring more than that, always have your documents on hand.

Homegrown vs Storebought 

This concept of catching users with unlicensed cannabis is unstable in its foundations as it’s based around knowing whether cannabis was homegrown or not.
On one hand, you can grow your own weed (in most provinces at least) and carry it with you legally, even on public transportations such as planes, trains, buses, and taxis.
On the other hand, transporting unpackaged cannabis in some provinces can result in a hefty fine. Some provinces have their own rules when it comes to domestic flights and cannabis, which should be in their original packaging, unopened, and bought from a licensed producer.
How exactly they plan on deciding what was homegrown vs what was bought illegally is unclear. Police in some provinces say they will ask questions regarding the origins of the seeds (as they must be sourced legally) as well as their cultivation, curing, and extraction process. Using solvents such as butane and purchasing seeds from illicit sources are both considered illegal under the country’s Cannabis Act.
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Know The Limits

So to be safe, carry no more than the legal limits of cannabis and always check the province’s cannabis laws. I advise against traveling with something like shatter or live-resin as they often require butane to be extracted first. Something like hash or rosin on the other hand, well, I’m not sure honestly. I would think you should be OK as you can make both of those at home using legally purchased cannabis. However, you may get an airport security person or even worse, a cop, who decides to be extra strict that day.

10 minutes after takeoff when the edibles kick in.
There’s also the question of rerouted flights. There are some instances that force a domestic flight to land in an unplanned destination. In cases like these, someone from the airline company should be there to assist you. That said, know that you are taking a risk of potentially entering the US with cannabis. You would hope logic would suffice and customs would understand that you were not trying to enter the country intentionally, but you cannot rely on that alone.
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What Not to Do When Traveling with Cannabis

As mentioned; you should not travel with pot if you’re going out of the country. If caught, you will be subject to punishment and can face penalties for possessing and transporting cannabis.
Finally, do not drive under the influence of cannabis. It’s also best if you keep cannabis away from your reach if you’re driving and your passengers.
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Final Thoughts

While it’s great that it’s legal to bring our weed with us when traveling, the provinces’ different cannabis laws have also created some confusion. So to prevent problems, be sure to check the cannabis laws of the place you’re visiting and follow the do’s and don’ts when transporting weed.

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