The Ultimate Guide on How to Smoke Crumble – Even If You’ve Never Smoked Before!

The Ultimate Guide on How to Smoke Crumble Even If Youve Never Smoked Before

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

Inarguably, concentrates are the fastest developing variations of Cannabis. Unsurprisingly, we find Crumble wax at the front of the line. Crumble wax stands unique among the various forms of cannabis concentrates. It serves a mind-blowing, high potency level and bursts of high-profile flavours!

Ever tried smoking Crumble? This article is a walk-through of the entire process. It aims at teaching you how to smoke Crumble while explaining some of its benefits.

Crumble Wax: What It Is

Crumble, commonly referred to as honeycomb wax, derived its name from its dry, non-sticky texture. Compared to other forms of concentrates, Crumble, like its name implies, crumbles easily. The cannabis concentrate is made using a solvent and crumbles into powder when handled.

How to Smoke Crumble?

Learning how to smoke Crumble isn’t rocket science. You don’t need so much experience to stone this concentrate. In detailed steps, we’ll show you how to consume your Crumble. Dive in!


1. Dabbing

Dabbing is by far the most common method of consuming Crumble. However, dabbing can be quite tasking, especially if you’re a novice.

To make your dabbing experience more worthwhile, use a dabber that is shaped like a spoon. Using this kind of dabber prevents you from spilling Crumble all over your floor. Also, it allows you to carry as much Crumble as you can. 

Like other concentrates, dabbing Crumble requires that you follow some steps to simplify the process. To dab Crumble, all you need to do are,

  • Heat the bucket or nail on your dab rig with a torch powered by gas. Wait until the rig reaches the stipulated temperature before dropping the Crumble into the bucket or bucket.
  • Proceed to inhale the Crumble through the dab rig’s mouthpiece.
Smoking Crumble
Smoking Crumble

2. Smoking

You can add Crumble to your joints or blunts to quadruple its effect by putting the desired quantity (a reasonable amount) just at the tip of your flower before rolling it up. 

If you smoke dry flowers out of a bong or bowl, Crumble wax can be added by sprinkling directly on the mixture you are to smoke. It is essential you use considerable amounts to adjust or figure out just how much will be the perfect dose. 

It’s easier to smoke Crumble when you’re rolling your joint. However, you can add it to pre-rolled joints and blunts. To do this,

  • The first step is deconstructing the pre-rolled joint and then proceeding to add the wax.
  • After doing this, reroll everything together again and smoke it.

Although stressful, the reward is the unique mixture of blunt and wax. To make rerolling easier, carefully examine the joint’s wrapper and how it was rolled. When rerolling the joint after adding the Crumble, you’ll rely on how the joint was wrapped initially. It ensures you don’t roll the joint the wrong way.

However, if you forget how it was wrapped, try to wrap the joint to resemble a tube. 


3. Vaping

It’s important to note that not all vape pens allow for vaporizing wax. Hence, it’s safe to be on the lookout for vape pens capable of vaporizing wax. It’s common to find vape pens that only vaporize pre-filled cartridges or vaporize vape juice.

However, some expensive vape pens are capable of allowing you to adjust the heat to your preference. These types of vape pens will enable you to burn Crumble and other concentrates. 

Additionally, with its versatility comes complexity as it features multiple settings. Before you can successfully smoke your Crumble, you have to tweak these settings. Although it takes time to master, constant practice helps to speed up the mastering process.

Crumble Wax Benefits

Concentrates like this, without a doubt, are highly beneficial. In this part of this guide, we will look at some benefits of Crumble.

1. Unique purging process

The Crumble wax has a unique purging process, usually done at lower heat at a longer vacuum time; this process preserves more terpenes than other concentrates. That is why Crumble has its unique dry texture and high flavour profile. 

2. Varieties

There are several options to choose from as regards the application or consumption of the concentrate. You can smoke Crumble or vape it. In the same vein, you dap or dab your favourite Crumble wax. Thankfully, this article explains the different ways of smoking crumble. 

With Crumble, you aren’t restricted to a particular method. You can use Crumble according to your preference.   

Best Crumble Wax to Buy

There are different strains of cannabis, one of which is the indica strain. Owing to the strain of cannabis, the effects are often different. Below are some of the best Crumble wax to buy.

Nuken Crumble

Nuken Crumble is a type of Crumble wax made from Nuken. One of the best indica strains is Nuken. With Nuken crumble, you don’t have to be worried about the high overpowering you. One fantastic feature of this type of Crumble is how relaxing its effect is both physically and mentally. 

Additionally, Nuken allows you to take on your regular daily routines like working and even socializing with friends. It gives your mood a boost as the feeling of euphoria is giggly. 

Death Bubba Crumble

Another famous crumble is Death Bubba. Like Nuken Crumble, it also makes users feel relaxed and euphoric. Not only does it make its consumers happy, but it also gives a soothing high. Death Bubba Crumble is best enjoyed at night.

To Wrap It Up 

Knowing how to smoke Crumble isn’t as difficult as many perceive it to be. Thanks to its dry, powdery nature, Crumble makes it easy to sprinkle on joints before smoking. Also, to get Crumble faster into your system, dabbing is your best bet. 

Additionally, if vaping is your favourite go-to method, you must get vape pens capable of vaporizing wax.

Pro-tip: when dabbing Crumble, avoid using flat dab rigs. Doing this can cause you to spill Crumble wax all over the place. If you’re a blunt lover, add Crumble in your joint before rolling it up.

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