Strain Spotlight – Greasy Pink (Indica)

Every once in awhile a strain comes in at Just Cannabis that EVERYBODY on our staff falls in love with. We talk about it over lunch and around the water cooler, like obsessed sports fans. We marvel at its smell, its look, and most importantly it’s incredibly potent high. I cannot think of a better example of that kind of strain than Greasy Pink.

Highly sought after by connoisseurs for its incredible kush like qualities, Greasy Pink is a world-class Indica and I do not say that lightly. I tried this for the first time this summer and could not get enough. When I saw it come into stock again I knew I had to share its glory with the world. I just hope we don’t run out too soon, as it is definitely my go-to holiday smoke!

Bred by crossing Pink Kush with a Bubba Kush, Greasy Pink is one for the ages.


I always love kush genetics for their piney and gassy terpene profile and Greasy Pink really hits the nail on the head.

When you open the jar you’re met with the typical dank pine and gas but there is also a very noticeable coffee scent as well. All the smells work together to create an almost spicy skunkiness.

The taste when smoked comes out much sweeter and you can taste the kush immediately. The sweet aftertaste makes it a hallmark kush and its unique coffee like terpenes take it to the next level.


The buds are dense and shapely. This is the kind of strain that SCREAMS from your pocket, even if bagged, so maybe don’t bring it anywhere you need it to keep it secret because it refuses to be disregarded.


There are some pretty big nugs found in Greasy Pink but nothing crazy. That said when you get close, you’ll find yourself doing a double-take. The average-sized buds are covered in tall prominent trichomes and a sticky resin that can only mean a loud kush. A fair amount of orange hairs cover the diverse range of green under it.


Greasy Pink captures everything us Indica lovers look for in a strain. With that said, it does borrow from its Hybrid Pink Kush genetics to offer creativity and slightly less powerful couch-locking effects, but after a few joints, there’s no fighting the sleepiness. An ideal strain for cozying up and staying warm this winter. Grab a great book or put on one of your favourite movies and let Greasy Pink do its magic. I would not suggest doing many activities after smoking Greasy Pink unless you count paying the pizza delivery guy as an activity.

Truly a must-try for all Indica, and especially Kush lovers. Don’t sleep on Greasy Pink!

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