How To Use THC Distillate

How To Use THC Distillate

Cannabis distillates are one of the strongest and most potent marijuana products on the market. Making THC distillate involves extracting, concentrating, purifying, and distilling THC from buds. A bottle of distillate only contains THC without any other compounds, flavours, or plant material. So if you’re looking to get super high, learning how to use THC distillate will do the trick. 

So what is THC distillate for? Explore the most popular ways to use THC distillate to find out.

Vaping THC Distillates

Certain models of vape pens make using cannabis distillate easy. You can fill your cartridge with THC distillate if you have a refillable pen. Pens with adjustable temperatures give the best results. Disposable vape pens can’t be refilled, so you can’t add distillate to a disposable model. Source a disposable distillate pen if you prefer disposable vapes.


Sublingual THC Distillates

Taking distillates sublingually or under the tongue is a fast, efficient, and popular choice for using THC distillates. All you need to do is place a drop under the tongue and let it absorb through capillaries in your mouth. However, Sublingually isn’t the fastest or slowest of all the ways to use THC distillate. Using cannabis distillate under the tongue is faster than other oral methods like pills. However, it’s also slower than vaping and other inhalation methods.

Using Cannabis Distillate Pills

You can learn how to use THC distillate in pill form. Whether you make your own pills or purchase them pre-filled, cannabis distillate forms are powerful, discreet, and portable. Unfortunately, you can expect a long wait before the effects kick in since the THC is absorbed through your lower digestive tract. However, your patience is worth it. THC pills offer one of the longest-lasting ways to use THC distillate.

How To Use THC Distillate Edibles

Making DIY weed edibles is a fun and popular choice for how to use THC distillate. Distillates are unflavoured, making them easy to mix with food or drink. You can add a few drops of distillate into anything you’d like, such as coffee, tea, ice cream, candy, salad, or even water. You can also make easy distillate tea with an empty distillate container. Just add the container to a cup of hot tea to capture any remaining distillate drops.

Dabbing THC Distillate

If you’re looking for ways to use THC distillate that delivers fast results, dab rigs and bongs provide rapid effects. Use your dabber to load distillate into your dab nail or bowl. Then proceed to light up like normal. Prepare to feel the effects almost immediately after inhaling.

Smoking Crumble
Smoking Crumble

Smoking THC Distillate 

Smoking fans can add distillate to their next joint or spliff. This strategy works best with hardened distillate. Spread distillate on your rolling paper before adding your flower, then roll using your favourite technique. Once you light up, you’ll notice the distillate’s full effects within a few puffs.

Explore Ways To Use THC Distillate

There are lots of options for how to use THC distillate! Now that you’ve discovered the most popular ways of using cannabis distillate, you’re free to experiment for yourself. Just Cannabis offers the best selection of well-rated THC distillate in Canada. Check out their low prices, great reviews, and shipping guarantees, then order cannabis distillate online from Just Cannabis online dispensary. Find us featured on platforms such as Weed List and see why we are better options than other services such as WeedSmart and Weed Delivery in Vancouver.

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