How To Use A Weed Grinder

How To Use A Weed Grinder

Learning how to use a weed grinder is helpful for cannabis consumers that regularly smoke cannabis flowers. Using a marijuana grinder helps you break up large buds into small pieces that can be rolled in a joint or packed in a bowl. Luckily, learning how to grind weed is easy to do! Explore our handy guide to grinding weed and discover how to grind marijuana flowers whenever you need it.


What Is A Marijuana Grinder?

Herb grinders are handheld tools that break flowers into small, consistent pieces. When you know how to use a grinder, you can prepare and smoke weed. A weed grinder is necessary whenever you want to enjoy a joint, blunt, bowl, pipe, or smokable method. 

When you’re learning how to grind weed, you’ll find that there are many types of grinders available. Most weed grinders are circular and handheld. You’ll pack your grinding chamber, then rotate it back and forth between your hands to break up the marijuana. There are other methods for grinding cannabis, but using a grinder is fast, easy, and efficient.

You can find several different options for grinding weed buds. Metal weed grinders are more expensive than other options but also last longer. Invest in a metal grinder, and you’ll be grinding weed with it for years to come. Using a grinder made of plastic is another option. Plastic marijuana grinders are less expensive, but they’re not necessarily a budget option. In addition, plastic grinders break faster than other options, so they need to be replaced more often. You can also look for wood options when learning how to use a grinder. Wood bud grinders can be hard to clean but are beautiful works of art. 


Using Weed Grinders

Using Weed Grinders

You can find different types of dried cannabis grinders. There are metal grinders with stainless steel blades, a hand crank grinder (manual grinders), single chamber grinders,  multi-chamber grinders (three-chamber grinder, two-chamber grinders, four-piece grinders), and more!  Just make sure to buy a high-quality grinder so you can make the most of our freshly ground herb. 

The most common cannabis bud grinder has four grinder pieces: lid, grinding chamber, storage chamber, and kief catcher. Learning how to use a weed grinder with four pieces is pretty straightforward! Just follow these steps to see how to grind weed.

  1. Place nugs between the lid and the grinder in between the teeth. Keep your buds out of the center of the marijuana grinder. Try to remove any seeds and stems for the best results.
  2. Rotate the weed grinder about 10 times. You’ll notice resistance at first, but it’ll turn smoothly once the ground marijuana buds start to break up. Stop turning the grinding compartment when all the flower has fallen into the storage chamber.
  3. Open the cannabis grinder. Your freshly ground weed will be waiting in the storage chamber, ready to smoke!


How To Grind Cannabis Flower And Make Kief

The bottom of your marijuana grinders catches kief or fine particles of potent cannabis. The THC crystals will fall through the grinding chamber and fall into the kief catcher (aka kief chamber). You can sprinkle kief onto your buds or save it. You can make the most out of your weed grinder and freshly ground herbs, and try using the kief to make DIY hash or cannabis oil.


Shopping For Your Next Herb Grinders

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