How To Properly Use A Weed Pipe

How To Properly Use A Weed Pipe

Smoking a pipe is genuinely a classic way of enjoying marijuana. Pipes are functional, efficient, and have a certain level of class that’s hard to beat. Therefore, learning how to use a weed pipe is a skill worth picking up. Once you know how to smoke a weed pipe, you can indulge yourself at home or pack a bowl for friends and parties. Learn everything about smoking a pipe, including how to pack a weed pipe, inhale, and more.

Smoking A Pipe: Understanding The Parts

Cannabis pipes are similar to other models used for tobacco. Even if you’ve never used a marijuana pipe yourself, you’ve probably seen a tobacco pipe in real life, in movies, or even in cartoons. A weed pipe has the same parts as a tobacco pipe. 

The bowl is a round space at the end of the pipe. When you’re learning how to use a weed pipe, the bowl is what you fill with ground buds. The mouthpiece is at the other end of the pipe. As the name implies, this part of the pipe goes into your mouth when you inhale. The chamber connects the bowl and the mouthpiece. The chamber is hollow to allow smoke to pass through.

Some weed pipes also feature a carb. This is a hole by the side of the bowl which you can cover or uncover to adjust the airflow. 

Most cannabis pipes are made of borosilicate glass, a versatile material that can handle high heat. However, as you learn how to smoke a weed pipe, you’ll also find other materials. Look for ceramic, wooden, metal, and other pipe options!

How To Pack A Weed Pipe

To learn how to pack a weed pipe, gather your pipe, lighter, and of course, your favourite ground buds. Butane lighters are the standard choice, but you can also look for other options if you don’t like the taste and smell of butane.

Place the ground cannabis in your pipe’s bowl. Use a more significant chunk at the bottom to keep smaller pieces from being inhaled up the chamber and into your mouth. Try to use a light pack at the bottom and a dense pack at the top. This helps keep the upper layer burning while maintaining the best airflow. Then light your bowl, inhale, and enjoy your THC high!

Learning how to use a weed pipe with a carb isn’t challenging. Keep the carb covered at first. Then, uncover the carb whenever you inhale to let in more air. You’ll enjoy a bigger hit thanks to the improved flow.


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